Friday, August 01, 2008

spreading the love for July--see what's for August!

Look, the guys took the camera to the shop today, so all I have
are these kind of iffy scans. (Let's face it--my adding-pictures
to-blog skills are pretty deficient to begin with.)

And yet, as this little chow doggy tile charm thing can be yours
for the price of a comment, are you really going to give me hard
time about the quality of my photos?

No, I think not.

Totally stole Tipper's Spreading the Love picture, and will
keep it until she tells me to give it back. Here's the deal--
which was also blatantly taken from Tipper, thank you,--anyone
leaving a comment any time this month will be in the hat for
the bamboo tile. Yes, it's another tile. Once you start
making them, it's hard to stop, so guess what next month's
will be?? Can you guess?? (I'll bet Angie knows!)

Thank you to all who stopped by to say hi, and other encouraging
things--Tipper, Rhonda, Christie, Beth, Gill(sounds like Jill), Lola, bunnykissd, Suzy Q, Angie (who is the starter of this tile obsession), Judy, bumblebeebags, Elizabeth, Jan, Contessa Kris, Benga, Terisa, Michi(rhymes with peachy), and Saffron.

Thank you all, again! (And Suzy Q, I almost forgot to tell you, you
get the Puppy Love tile, so please e-mail me your address.)


just a scrap of paper said...

what a busy women you have become.I think your photo/scans are just fine. Wish I could say I have been as productive as you, but o well. Hugs, Julie

Anonymous said...

Oh they are so neat!! I think I should win-since you were my first Spread the Love winner and all-it would only be fair right? Just kidding! I'm glad you're Spreading the Love!

ShellyRaeWood said...

Oh that reminds me so much of my now an angel chow, Kai. Thanks for the smile!! Angie made me addicted to tiles too!! LOL She and I have been friends for like 13 years. So, just saying hi and I love your puppy tile!! Shelly in Georgia

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Trisha Too!!!
How sweet of you to mention my name in your blog!!!! You are so kind!!!