Friday, October 31, 2008

who haunts your house??

Okay, so no one REALLY haunts my house, but the
pictures I used for the gel transfer in this piece
are actual family members. Hmmm. Family members
can, if you think about it, haunt us in even a more
frightening way than any "ghost!"

(*Note the "disturbing" doll arm--see previous post! ;)

Those photo corners--pried them from an old, old
scrapbook. The photo was color copied and transferred
using Omni-Gel over a photocopy of a page from Psalms.

Back left is my Grandma Matt. I miss her! The two
other girls are her sisters, Pearl and Ethel. The
little boys are nephews by her oldest sis Hazel, who
was taking the photo.

This picture does look kind of ghostly, as some old
photos are apt to do, especially since the twin boys
appear headless! These are my great-great grandparents,
the littlest girl is my Great Grandma Elvira, the next
her sister Elnora, and the twins are Ruben and Rupert.

Have Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

my baby made me a brooch!

Isn't this cute? My baby (okay, he's eleven,
but he's still my baby!) made this for me. It's
made of a bit of brown pipe cleaner, those
stacking beads, brown twist ribbon, jute,
and a pin back.

He gave it to me last night, very unceremoniously,
but did include a detailed description
of how he made it.

Don't you love it when your man gives you jewelry??

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

laundry, Barbies, and hacksaws

Our washing machine is having issues. This is not acceptable, considering we are six,
and we get out and get dirty on a regular basis. The
good news is, we've always kept an extended warranty
on our washing machine, and even though it is now almost
10 years old, said warranty has WAY more than paid for
itself over a fairly short amount of time.

Anyway, we ("we" meaning my husband) were moving some
stuff out of the way for the washing machine man to
have better access upon his much anticipated arrival.

The laundry is right next to the art room.

DH: "You know, this bucket full of old Barbies
and hacksaws is a little disturbing."

Lesson: If you're easily disturbed, stay outta
my art room?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

look what I get!

With everything going on, I'd kind of
forgotten about being the happy recipient
of a random act of kindness
from creative Therapy.

Look at that! Doesn't it make you wanna rub it in your
hair and stick it in your pocket? I finally had a chance
to take a look at their online store, and I'm tellin' you,
I was drooling all over the place--the stuff is just rich,
delicious, roll-in-it gorgeous. Go take a look--I like
this particular page of wonderfulness, entitled a Pocket Full Of

Thank you, Ruby St. Designs, for the wonderful RAK!
I can't wait for it to be in my hot little hands!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

talk about a wild ride . . .

Have you ever heard of Brief Psychosis Disorder? Me neither,
until about a week ago. If you'd like to know more about it,
I'll give you the recipe:

Get really stressed out about something. It doesn't
matter over what, but you have to be REALLY stressed.

Add not sleeping for a week or two,

Plus not eating correctly or enough,
(some people like this side effect--
losing 15 pounds in two weeks! I lost
7, and it wasn't even my BPD!)

And it equals=

A seriously messed up body chemistry and whacked out brain!

NOT good times.

Some women experience this after childbirth, which makes
sense, with the whole sleep deprivation thing.

Anyway, I'm thankful it is, indeed, BRIEF, and if you
had never heard of it, well, you can be thankful for

ugh, yikes, and bleah.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Christmas button angels (instead of fairies)

Here's a set of Christmas button angels made
with Altered Pages images.
I had fun adding some beads and embellishments.

Had to dig into my stash of vintage buttons, which is
always a good time. There's something very satisfying
about pawing through a big pile of shiny buttons!
These will make pretty little gifts, interesting ornaments,
or even some really nice gift tags. These two are my
favorites, but daughter likes these:

If you've never made a button fairy, and decide to do so,
be very, very careful--it is extremely addictive! There
are plenty of button fairies out there, but
Nancy has made some of my favorites, adding
flower petals to the wings. So pretty!

Yikes, I need to do the September Spread the
Love. Sorry, I'm definitely behind!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

what do you think about when you're tripping?

So, I was taking a little run (please bear in mind that
when I say "run," it actually means, "barely jogging")
around the Path we've kind of made up around our yard.
It's a pretty big yard, and no one can see me, and
that's a very good thing, especially when I'm out in
pink long john pjs and hiking boots.

Anyway, I tripped on a root, and for the whole maybe
2-3 seconds I was stumbling, arms flailing wildly,
attempting to regain balance, what was going through
my brain?

Was it, "Those rocks are going to break my jaw."


Was it, "No one will miss me until they want food."


It was, in fact,
"OH MY GOSH, I'm making JAZZ HANDS!"

Thanks a lot, Lola, for making me laugh even with the
imminent danger of having
rocks permanently embedded into my face!
(You should probably go visit Lola's post, if you care to
have clue what the heck is so funny . . . but I AM easily
amused! ;)