Monday, January 31, 2011

OWOH is here!!

Whoo hoo!! One World One Heart is officially
here! Are you excited? I know I am!

This is my fourth year to participate, and I've
enjoyed every one--"meeting" new bloggers, and
doing some serious blog snooping!

My name is Trisha, or trisha too in the intraweb
world. We're a homeschool family; two graduated
and in college, two more to go! I love all things
art, and like to try different media and techniqes.
Right now, I'm exploring simple bookbinding, so if
you have a favorite how-to book, please let me know!

My first OWOH offering is a bamboo tile
pendant made with a transfer of some vintage
French postage, copper wire and charm, and
glass beads. There is also a trim of tiny
French blue rik-rak surrounding the edge, and
it's coated in a protective finish.

Next is a new acrylic alphabet stamp set
from Martha Stewart Crafts--it also has
six sets of fancy fine frames. It's the
Ornamental Monograms set.

And finally, depending on how many comments
I get, there will be fun little atc making
kits for you to create your own artist trading
cards. Each will come complete with backgrounds,
all kinds of ephemera like vintage stamps, sheet
music bits, etc, plus lace, collage images, even
the protective sleeves--and whatever else strikes
my fancy at the time! There will be at least
four sets of these, and, like I said, maybe
more. If you'd like a better idea of what
kind of treats might be included, browse around
my blog and check out the arty stuff--you'll
probably get a good idea of what the bits and
pieces will be like! There are at least
six chances to come away with something here!

This probably isn't your first OWOH stop, but
here are some pertinent details:
1. You must have an active blog to participate.
Not a private secret blog that no one can see,
but one we can visit--that was the original
point of OWOH!

2. If you're one of the fortunate randomly
selected goodie-getters, I will contact
you via e-mail after the event ends Feb.
17th. SO, please leave your e-mail addy
in your comment! If there is no response
within 48 hours, another lucky goody-getter
will be chosen.

3. While I always love and appreciate new
followers--and follow back when I can
find you--you don't have to follow or
join or subscribe or any of that stuff!

So, hello to my old and new imaginary friends!
Enjoy the fifth and final year of OWOH. This is
a tremendous undertaking, and Lisa has done a
wonderful job each and every year--be sure to
tell her a special thank you for her efforts.


P.S I always visit all my OWOH comment leavers
after the event ends; it may take me some time
to get around to you, but be expecting me to
stop by!

Friday, January 28, 2011

hot beverage, anyone?

In one of those happy serendipitous moments, my
creative muse (this time in the guise of my friend
Julie, come to visit from Alaska) coincided with
a challenge from Gingersnap Creations. Several
challenges, really. Julie demonstrated some
simple bookbinding, so I--of course--had to make
a book . . .

here is the cover. The title of this little altered
book is "coffee, tea, chocolate drinks."

This is the inside cover page. You knew
that was coming, didn't you? Too obvious?

Here is one layout, using a print of a picture
I really like, and have been wanting to use in
SOMETHING for a long time--it's from a book
printed in 1688, acknowledging the Arabs,
Chinese, and Aztecs for introducing coffee,
tea, and hot chocolate to the Europeans.

Here it is with the vellum overlay open,

and here is the mad tea party from Alice in
Wonderland. The atc fits in the vintage
library card holder. I received the atc
in a swap in 2008--it was made by Michal,
who has some VERY cute things on her blog.

There are more pages, and I'll post them
eventually. Most of them match up with
other Gingersnap challenges; this one
goes with (what else?) the Hot Beverage

P.S. You know the pics will enlarge if you
click on them, don't you? ;) AND, if you
have a suggestion for a good book of simple
book binding techniques, please let me know!


coffee, tea, chocolate drinks was selected
as a Ginger Gem--thank you, Gingersnappers!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it's almost here, and I'm not ready!

I haven't made a thing. ***sigh***

BUT I do have some pretty swell stuff to give
away, stuff so you can make your own pretty
arty pieces.

That counts, right?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

blog snooping . . .

I've been blog snooping!!

"Eat Cake," from Christine (I don't even make
that many cards, but I REALLY like this one--
I think it's that big pink cake calling my name!),

Cameron's "Spore and Snore" mixed media painting,

"Brothers in Arms" from Joanna at fiddleships,

A pretty vintage tag from Crafty Dawn,

Handmade "Gurlee Flowers" from Chelsea Le,

and okay, there's way more stuff, but there's no way
I could link everything out there that makes me think,
"Oh, that's so pretty/interesting/fun/adorable/I wanna
make one, too!" Those are links under the pics, by the
way, just in case you want to go see, too!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

handmade pretties . . .

I REALLY like handmade jewelry.
Recently, I was blessed to receive a lovely
piece from sweet Amy at her Thirty Six Ten
studio on Etsy.

Unfortunately, I didn't swipe a picture of my
necklace before she shipped it, and it's so
gloomy here, I'm not even going to try to take
a photo of the real deal--you're going to have
to use your imagination a bit. Imagine this
pretty vintage turquoise glass, in

this fun paisley shape. I have worn
the necklace several times, and am truly
appreciating it--thank you again, Amy!

She also does some fantastic birthstone
stacking rings--

I have four children and a husband. Do you think
they should all get me a ring for my birthday this

Snowing where you are? We have about seven inches
on the ground here, and it is cold, cold, cold.
It was sunny and pretty yesterday, but dismal and
dull today. Bleah. Our electricity was out, but
only for a couple of hours--not bad. How goes it
where you are? There's some crazy weather in the
world right now--stay warm and dry, where ever you
may be!

***** A little update *****

Thanks to Jana, I figured out how to go snooping
in the sold items, and found the pic!

I'm still lovin' it!!

Seriously, Jana, FIFTEEN inches of snow????!!

Friday, January 07, 2011

what are you doing today?

Let's see, I got the youngest two doing
there assignments, got chili going in
the crockpot,

did a little doodling in the art journal,
folded some laundry and did some other
household stuff,

and made a bootleg t-shirt for a show tonight.

(Just saying: on Altered Page's facebook,
there's a free digi Valentine's collage
sheet up for the dibs-ing!)

What are YOU up to?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

a look back

I've been enjoying the blog posts that look back
on 2010, and different arty bloggers' favorite
projects for that year. It made me look back
at some of the things I've done, myself--here
are a few of my favorites:

Isn't she cute? It's my cousin's daughter.

You can't really see the glitter glaze on
the wings. Hmm. Maybe learning to photograph
glitter should be in my 2011 resolutions?

These roses are so easy and so satisfying to
make! The tutorial is linked over there in
the sidebar.

This is the carseat cover that took over my
life for a few weeks, but hey, at least it
turned out:

And the inchie canvas:

Do you have some of your 2010 favorites posted?
Link me up--I'd love to come blog snoop! I've
got a cold, so haven't been doing much but
goofing off and drinking hot tea . . .