Saturday, February 26, 2011

little bottles

Graphic 45 paper is delicious; these little
bottles are for a challenge over at Creative
Cutter World.

Made the tiny roses using the technique in the
super easy flower making tutorial posted in my
sidebar--it works just as well with fabric, too,
but you don't have to wet the fabric!

Happy Weekend, everyone!



You aren't going to believe this, but I
actually won the challenge!
THANK YOU Creative Cutter World!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


She's a little disgusted at being referred to as
a mere garden fairy, but she'll let it go this
time . . . she's holding a rolled up script of
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" in one hand and a
butterfly topped, bejeweled scepter in the other
to smack us upside the head and remind us of who
she REALLY is!

The collage images are Altered Pages and my
daughter's hand--she's so funny. I said "Hey,
I need to take a picture of your hand."

All she said was, "Okay." Didn't ask why, no
comment, nothing. They're just used to me
and my strange requests by now!

What was really fun was toasting the chiffon
petals for the skirt. I've been trying new
techniques, and had been wanting to give that
one a go.

Anyway, this is the latest layout in my garden
book, and the Queen of the Fairies wants to
play in the Gingersnap Creations Kings and
Queens challenge

Can anyone tell me why my pics are so small?
I clicked the "large" in the upload images
section, and this is a pretty big image to
start with, but it's not even enlarging much
when you click on it. The "click-and-get-
bigger-trick" still works on pics in my other
posts . . . hmmmm.

Enlighten me, please!!

Okay, fine, I just couldn't quit messing with
it--cropped it down to this, and blogger seems
to think this a bit more acceptable. *sigh*

I am still open to enlightenment--all you have
to offer . . . let it shine, let it shine!

**** Update--Yes, yes, yes, I already freely admitted
that I really don't know what I'm doing--after the first
click-to-get-bigger-trick, you just have to click AGAIN!!
Good one . . . on me . . . again! ****

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

garden book and thank yous!

Waiting for spring. It's supposed to do all
kinds of nasty things here tomorrow--freezing
rain, sleet--but I'm keeping my chin up, and
waiting for spring . . .

Do you garden? I have three big bags of bulbs
to plant, leftovers from a recent lawn and garden
show nearby. Lots of my flowers are ones people
have shared from their own gardens--iris from a
Sunday School teacher, plus more from a friend,
daylilies from a friend, Rose of Sharon from my
mom, and peonies from my grandma's. And most of
my strawberries came from a friend, too; that
was many years ago!

Anyway, this is the cover of my latest book project,
which has a garden theme:

Let me say that the whole spray paint masking thing
is probably my new favorite technique, and that
making roses with satin and Super Tacky Glue is
laughably easy.

Here are some more flowers--I'd like to say a big
at Folding Chair Designs--she provided a cute
pair of earrings and this amazing headband

for a giveaway at Kate's. I'm telling you,
this headband is extremely well made. The
daughter adores it, and has gotten many, MANY
compliments on it.

Plus, look at this lush, beaded, silk bag:

It's even more gorgeous in real life--thank
you to Sharon, who offered this up during
One World One Heart. And the name of
her shop? The Wildflower House.

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow . . .

Friday, February 18, 2011

it's over . . . for now . . .

Well, it's over--did anyone else get OWOH drunk?
That was a LOT of blogs; I almost made it through,
but not quite.

Anyway, my OWOH winners have been e-mailed (I'll
post the list and their links after I hear back
from them), and now we have One World, One ART to
look forward to next year!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

another card? seriously?

Yes, okay, I know I said I don't make that
many cards, but June at Dezinaworld is
hosting a challenge--children's story, book,
nursery rhyme, or song. I collect children's
books, have studied the history of fairy tales
and nursery rhymes, and still read children's
literature. A kid at heart, right?

Serendipity style background (my favorite!),
collage image coated with UTEE and cracked--
you know, that glass looking technique--what
is that called, anyway? Vintage alpha stamps
filled in with glaze pen.

Tomorrow is the end of One World, One Heart.
It's been a fun flight, I'm sorry to see it end.
BUT now I get to go through and visit everyone
who stopped by to say hi, and all the fancy fine
new followers, so it isn't REALLY over . . .

Monday, February 14, 2011

a love card!

(If it isn't the 17th yet, and you're looking
for OWOH, it's HERE :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

I make don't a lot of cards, but hey, it
was almost Valentine's Day, and we had a
wedding to attend--

The card matched the shiny wrapping paper
and tulle "ribbon" we used to wrap the gift.
It was a lovely wedding, and an adorably cute
couple. It was really very sweet, and I've
known both the bride and groom for, well,
let's just say a long time. I'm definitely
getting sentimental in my old age!

Spent a bit of time blog visiting last week,
what with One World One Heart and all, and
found out there are about a zillion challenge blogs
out there in the intraweb world! Who knew there
were so many? You want to know? Hazelnut, that's
who! Anyway, my card doesn't go with the 80
challenges that creative lady's did, but it
does go along with Tanda's Share the Love
challenge at TandaStamps
, and the Love
Card Challenge at Creative Craft World.
Also, over at Paper Crafting Journey, their Love
is in the Air challenge, and at Penny's Paper-
Crafty Challenge Blog,
the Heart's A Flutter

Friday, February 11, 2011

the final pages

Of the "coffee, tea, chocolate drinks" book . . .

(If you're looking for OWOH, give this a read
and then scroll down! The pics enlarge if you
give them a click! ;)

This is actually the last layout in the book;
she's having her morning cup of, well, something
hot, right? These images are from Altered Pages.

This "breakfast cocoa" layout uses an old chocolate
advertising image--it's from Altered Pages, too--
and leads into . . .

This lovely lady.

This is Madame Du Barry, mistress of Louis XV,
partaking of her morning chocolate. The creamy
lace, rich brown damask patterned paper, and
shiny copper German scrap are perfect for the
Gingersnap Creations coffee and cream Color

That's it--this mini book is finished. Are
you ready for another one?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

yes, it's time again . . .

for another installment of hot beverages!
(Does that sound goofy, or what?)

***If you're looking for the OWOH post,
keep scrolling . . . well, peruse this
first, and then scroll! ;)***

See if you can guess what the challenge
was for these pages:

Well, okay, the center layout doesn't
go with the challenge, but the other
two fit with the teabag template challenge
at Gingersnap Creations
. I'm contemplating
putting a quote inside each "tea bag." Two
of my favorite tea quotes (don't tell me you
don't have a favorite tea quote!) are:

If man has no tea in him,
he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.
---Japanese Proverb


There is no trouble so great or grave that
cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea.
---Bernard Paul Heroux

The center layout fits right in with Judy's
Red/White/Black challenge, as well.

I'm ready for a hot cuppa Earl Gray right about
now . . . or green jasmine . . . what's your
favorite tea?

The geisha layout was chosen as a Ginger Gem!
Thank you, Gingersnappers!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

another installment of "hot beverages"

(If you're looking for the One World, One Heart
post, it's the next post!)

Here we are again, in the "coffee, tea, chocolate
drinks" book--this layout is pertaining to coffee:

See that middle pocket? It's a coffee
filter, and it holds an atc I got in 2007.
Unfortunately, I can't decipher who sent
it--if it's yours, let me know. And let me
tell you, ladies, it's a whole lot easier to
stamp on something BEFORE you bind it into a
book. What was I thinking???

Here's the other side--the collage image
is a from a vintage advertisement for
espresso. The collage images used here are
from Altered Pages.

This layout goes along with the Spicy Supply
challenge (coffee filters) at Gingersnap Creations