Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Double Digits and Don'ts

Well, it's official. The baby of the family has
hit double digits. The big one-oh. *sigh*

That's it. No pics, nothing. Not sure what to

Only 2 of the 4 went to church tonight; Jordan
was supposed to start the True Love Waits series
tonight. Fortunately, at 14, he's not feeling
the pressure yet. What a blessing; I know others
aren't as fortunate. We had the abbreviated
version of TLW--don't do it until you're married.

Really, God tells us things for a reason. We may
not always get it, but there's a reason. We may
find out the hard way, but we'll figure it out
sooner or later. We may not want to admit it, we
may not like it, we may pout and whine and want
our way, but the "don'ts" are there for our own
benefit. It would behoove us all to not be
so stubborn and foolish as to think we can get
away with sin, just because we want to do what
we want to do, and don't like to admit that there's
an authority higher than our own.

Yes, I'm finished. I shall step down from the
soapbox (and perhaps not fall on my face??) ;)

Friday, January 19, 2007

teeny tiny swaps

Here are some 1x1
swaps for a yahoo
group I joined.
These were way
more fun to make
then I'd originally
anticipated. It was
one of those times
when I really needed
to be making
wasn't motivated to
do anything. Swaps
give me that deadline,
and make me feel
obligated to finish a

So, there you go.

The two with the old filmstrips are a little dark, and I don't know if
everyone will appreciate my sense of humor (did theDodo sing? the
felted heart in heartfelt, the frog stamp on the card from the frog
closure used in sewing), but that's the risk you take with swaps. You
can't even appreciate the textures and such without holding these in
your hand--I really like incorporating layers, and something more
tactile than smooth paper. It was fun to use all the goodies; the
ephemera, embossing stuff, the ribbons and trims I drool over,
microbeads, Prima flowers, all the inks . . . contented sigh.
I really like my toys!!

I'm going to start a series illustrating lines from literature. The time
present and time past swap was the first go, but it's really a little
small for what's inside my head. We'll see what happens . . .

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Star Wars is out the door . . .

Well, it's almost out the door. It's on ebay now,
as in, five cases FULL of figures. Man, what a stash!
I still have my brand-new Kenner bags, but the rest
of this stuff is soon-to-be someone else's. It's been
fun to help sort it all out, especially with the boys'
help. Okay, in all honesty, I did absolutely NONE
of the sorting, only the picture-taking. Hey, they
got all into matching the weapons to the figures,
etc. And let's face it, as 9 and 14 year-old boys,
they're more up on all the names than I will ever be.

It inspired a couple of movie nights--it had
been a long time since we watched the original, and
I forgot how much I really like that movie! Jordan
kept "shushing" me, so apparently I talked too
much. But seriously, how can Princess Leia have
a British accent in only one scene? Like no one is
going to notice that?? C'mon! Shush yourself,
Jman! ;)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Things I Found On My Floor

Here it is, the now infamous
weaving, done quite a bit back.
Yes, it is, indeed, comprised
entirely of
Things I Found On My Floor.
(Just be thankful that the
bathroom floor was excluded
from this foray into the
world of experimental "art.")

Seriously, with four children, a
husband, and numerous animals,
there was never a lack of material.
And I honestly limited myself to
things NOT on the art-room floor,
because that would have been, in
my opinion, somewhat cheating.

People suffering from allergies to
dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, corn,
or peanuts are advised to NOT
handle this, ehem, work of art. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I love this purse!

One of "my" Girl Scouts came to
the last meeting all jazzed to show
me the awesome cool purse she
had made; it was, indeed,
awesome and cool! Even better,
she told me where to find the
directions, and I got to make one
my own self. I've been holding
onto this fabric, wanting to make
something, and this was perfect.
It's a vintage drape fabric I think.
The lining is from linen skirt that
my dear children said made me
look like a bag lady, and the button
is from my grandma's button can.
I am very, very pleased. DD got a
sewing machine for her owntee
doentee self for Christmas, and is
champing at the bit to try many
projects. First, we'll need to finish
off the quilt she started--the top is
already done.

It feels so good to be making
something again. Julie from
Alaska called the other day, and
man, it was nice to be able to tell
her I was actually doing
something. Actually joined another
swap, just for that proverbial kick
in the creative pants. We'll see how
those turn out, but so far, so good.
Happy New Year to me, eh?? ;)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This is ridiculous!

So, I pretty much should have known there was no way
I'd post on this thing on an even somewhat regular basis!
Oh, well, this is the way my life goes. I am very well
intentioned, but very slow.

Thanksgiving was unusual, spent in the hospital with my
da, who had a slight stroke. Dear me, but those poor
nurses deserve combat pay who must deal with the not-
so-cooperative patient who is my father. He's fine now;
just a little slurred speech, which will hopefully be helped
by continuing speech therapy.

Christmas was lovely, really and truly lovely. Spent a
long holiday baking and preparing and shopping and
wrapping, and it was all wonderful. "My" side of the
family was here for Eve, and we went to DH's side
for the Day. The decorations are all still up--DH wants
everything up early, early, like at the very latest by
Thanksgiving, preferably by Halloween. I like to keep
everything decorated for a long bit afterwards, to just
enjoy it all. Ummm, and we're actually having a
Christmas brunch this Saturday morning, so yes, we
tend to prolong the holiday as long as possible! It
should always be Christmas in our hearts, yes??

Merry Christmas!