Friday, May 04, 2007


Well. I don't post often anymore. Hmm.
Busy with real life, yes? The eldest is
graduating, and that is taking some of my
brain, as is homeschooling the rest.

Algebra bites, still, even after all these
years, and there are two more coming up in
the ranks. Ugh. Fourteen is a hard enough
age as it is, but to add Algebra to the mix!

Got to meet Julie's beautiful granddaughter,
and see Julie Oolie herself all the way from
Alaska. That was such a surreal thing, to be
standing there looking at her while she was
talking. I really wish we had gotten to know
each other better and spend more time together
while she was HERE! And she has some of the
most interesting friends. (I don't mean myself.)

Shakespeare ATC for swap-bot swap. I really like
how these turned out; printed on vellum, over
watercolor background, and torn paper script from
Prospero's speech at the end of The Tempest.
Which is one of my favorites.