Thursday, January 29, 2009

one world one heart ate my lunch . . .

Okay, this is out of control. Really, I probably
shouldn't be allowed near the computer until this
thing is over. Is anyone else obsessively visiting
every single site on the One World One Heart list??

I haven't visited my regular blogs; yesterday at
our shop I didn't do ANYTHING except goof off!
(Good thing the boss kinda likes me . . .)

Anyway, Miss Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka, do you also
have some type of support group set up for those
of us who have developed a OWOH disorder??

On a happier note, some very sweet bloglanders have
agreed to trade atcs with me, so that, at least,
should be enough to make me rise up and make
something. AFTER I check out a couple more blogs.


Monday, January 19, 2009

One World One Heart

***Hey, everybody, owoh is over, so if this
is the only post you're seeing, click on the
blog header--it should take you to the newest
post . . .***

Here are my offerings for the One World One Heart
Giveaway. Not any one big thing, but several
smaller ones--I hope they'll find a happy home
somewhere out there! So here, you will have
six chances at a little something fun . . .

These are bookmarks--one of Edgar Allen Poe, the other
featuring my favorite, Alice In Wonderland, both altered chipboard with collage images, glass beads, and black
waxed linen cording.

This is a needlefelted flower brooch--it's almost spring!

And here are three different bamboo pendant pieces--
Ciao Bella featuring a chow, Kiss Me with a bulldog,
and Puppy Love with the Golden Retriever. Or Lab?
And below are the reverse sides of the pendants.

So, if you aren't familiar with OWOH yet, here's
how it works:
Leave a comment on this post.

The giveaway ends Feb. 12. At that time,
I will contact the winners via e-mail, which
means there must be some way for me to contact
you. If you don't have a blog, or your blog
is private, or comments aren't enabled, you
need to leave your e-mail in your comment.
The first to e-mail me back will have first
choice, etc.

Most of the vintage collage images I use come
from Altered Pages,
including those in the Valentine atcs posted
earlier. If you like this type of image,
be sure to check out the OWOH at the Collage Contessa's.
She has a $50.00 gift certificate for
Altered Pages to give away, not to mention
some fantastic art work to gaze upon.

And you can always click on the OWOH link in
the sidebar for more giveaways and some really
great blogs!

Have fun!

I'm going to (eventually!) visit every
blogger who comments . . . so expect
me when you least expect me . . .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

creepy or funny?

I don't usually do challenges, simply because
of time constraints, but when I saw
June's creepy clown challenge, this little
guy came immediately to mind. You may
recognize him from Halloween. Yes, yes,
I cannibalized my own atc. How ecofriendly
is that?? Color me green . . .

Tommorow's the big day--the start of
One World One Heart. I hope to see you
all there!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Valentine atcs (or tags, or garland . . .)

. . . haven't really decided. May find a swap
to send them in to, or string them all up on
a garland.

(A little update--four of these are traded
out, the Friends atc specifically. If you want
to swap atcs for any of the others, let me
know via e-mail through the link on my profile
page. I'd love to add your atc to my collection!)

They all use Altered Pages collage images,
most have Basic Grey Blush paper in the background,
and, of course, ribbon, lace, etc. All that fun
Valentine "stuff."

We always had the best time making huge, elaborate
Valentines for the grands when we were--my mom
would get out all her sewing trims, and, of course,
the paper doilies and construction paper!

Do YOU have a Valentine tradition?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's almost here!


Did you participate last year? This was SO much fun,
and I still visit some of the blogs I discovered.
If you have a little something you'd like to give away,
and want to participate, visit One World One Heart
for information.

Even if you don't have anything you feel you can
contribute (hey, last year, I gave away needle
felted heart pins. Not big things, but fun
things, yes?), you can always contribute your
comments and visits to some interesting and amazing

You may even be one of the lucky winners!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

swappy dresses

Saturday I was the "responsible adult" (you can
stop laughing now--you know who you are!)
while our eldest hosted a Redemption tournament.
It was the district tournament, but still not
huge, but the point is, I had 9 hours, a big
table, and plenty of counter space to spread
out and play. This resulted in some party
dresses for the aforementioned swap--scanned,
so the colors aren't quite deep enough, but
you'll get the idea.

little gold beads sewn on around the neckline,
bits of vintage doily, joss paper, gold emboss.

vintage purple bling and trim, plus glitter!
This one is more sparkly in person.

homemade collage paper, diamond buttons, ribbon

collage, stamped, iridescent stuff, gold trim.

ball gown! velvet ribbon trim, vintage button,
sheer fabric

Saturday, January 10, 2009

yay! finally joined a swap . . .

This looked cute and fun, and I really needed
an excuse to sit down and make SOMETHING.
It's been a long, lonely time.

If you want to play along, you can contact
Jenna at her artrageous blog.
There's still plenty of time.

Will post some pics eventually . . .

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

by poplular demand . . .

. . . or at least the demand of one, I will
now post.

Was reading your all's blogs, and lots of
New Year's resolving was going around, which
started me thinking.

(Really actually thinking, I'm not just being
a smarty pants.)

I'm not a big New Year's resolver, but some
things have kind of changed around here, and
some tweaking of schedules and such needed to
be done. Mostly by me.

Better mom/teacher--the whole homeschool
thing needed some revamping. I'm happy to
report that things are going well, and those
involved were ready and, for the most part,
willing to dive in with a renewed spirit and
no complaints about the aforementioned tweaks.

Actually, life is always a work in progress.
Been working on being a better wife for twenty
years now.

(My husband is definitely worth the effort! :)

The Contessa made me realize that I don't have
to be up to my elbows in the art room to be

Creative is something we can be no matter
what we're up to. It's a way of life.
It's what we are.

And all the time, always, trying to know Him more.
How do we ever let that one go?? Look at that
lazy hand, just kind of lolling it's way out
there, while God's finger is decidedly, pointedly,
reaching toward humanity's. Isn't that how it
goes? I can get a little lazy about it, maybe
taking Him for granted, until life smacks me upside
the head with something. Well, again, it's always a
work in progress, but I'm going to try to be
reaching, not just maybe-kind-of-sort-of-thinking
about it.

Don't know if that's where Michelangelo was going
with that one, but there it is.

What have you resolved??
Something big?
Something small?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

what child is this?

That's baby Jesus. Probably a pale rendition, but
I wasn't there, so can't really say. Anyway, New
Year's Eve, the eldest (bear in mind this is AFTER
a huge feasty meal) wants to know--

"Mom, where's the cheese ball?"
"There isn't one."
"What???! You always make a cheese ball!"
"Mom. New Year's without cheese ball is like
Christmas without Jesus!"

I really didn't have a response for that one . . .

Happy New Year!