Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday, #347 (Thirty-seven atcs)

A couple of weeks ago, another WOYWW desker posted about a swap they were participating in--I can't recall who it was, but perhaps I'll find her again this week!  Anyway, it sounded like fun, so I joined, and have been making lots of atcs.  We have to have 52. 

Here is my stack of 37n so far.  These are all similar, but different colors and slightly different backgrounds.  Here are a couple of them, the general theme of the swap is Nature:

Happy WOYWW!  Many thanks as always to Julia for hosting!  (PS, she says you're welcome to join,  just check the link and drop in for details.)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A few how-to tips on making buntings . . .

I like making buntings, but I also have a life, and don't necessarily want to spend hours and hours creating them.  So here are a few tips from someone who has made a LOT of buntings, along with a lot of mistakes in the process!

1.  Rectangular panels = the fastest way to go
2.  Stitching the panels to the hanging ribbon or strip of fabric with a sewing machine = faster and easier than gluing.
3.  Colored staples look cute, too, and are even easier than stitching or gluing.
4.  Clothespins win for the easiest way to hang!
5.  If you're doing stuff like inks/paints around the edges of the panels, do that BEFORE sewing.
6.  3D elements are fun, but if you're planning on storing the bunting, they're a huge pain.  (Says the woman who added a million ribbon roses to the cutest little baby girl bunting ever, and then tried to fold it up . . .)

That's it.  That's my words of wisdom ***snorts with laughter*** for the day. 

Heed them, my friends.

More Valentine info today at my Altered Pages post.  Happy Thursday to you!  :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday, #346--piles of little buntings

So last week all I had to show were the bunnies, but this week I've been a busy crafter--
Piles of little buntings, five of them, and they're all finished.  One bottom center was going to be a panel for one of the buntings, but now it's going to be a Valentine.

Why so many?  I like making buntings, and saw some really sweet collage pages (it was the vintage baby images that got me), and that was that.  Here are a couple of the babies:

Happy WOYWW!  (If you aren't familiar with WOYWW, stop by dear Julia's to find out more.)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, #345--Moose

Today, I am cleaning the bunny room and their cages.  These are the girl child's rabbits;  here is a photo of Moose, who is somewhat wary of the camera:
He's very friendly, as rabbits go, and likes a good bunny massage.  When we first got him, years ago, along with his compatriot Isaiah, we were told by the pet shop that they were both males.

And then one day the daughter found these:
(Actually, they were all pink and pathetic looking when she found them.)
Yep.  That happened.  We're all much older and wiser now.  But since I didn't have anything new arty to share, I figured something cute would probably be even better . . .

Happy WOYWW to you!  If you aren't familiar with What's On Your Workdesk?  Wednesday, Julia is always happy for you to stop by and check out all the details, and join in the fun.