Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ariel's house

Joined a new group on swap-bot, the Inspire Me group,
and the moderator started a game of tag. The idea
is to make a little envelope of something to inspire
the person we send to to go make something.

Ariel sent me a Charming Charms envie, and this
house was inside. All I did was add the vintage
lace bit and chain.

Thank you, Ariel!!

feeling lucky?

CUTE onesies from Baby Bunch, giveaway at annies home.
Ends July 28th.

At Leslie Loves Veggies, ends July 24th.

At Leslie Loves Veggies, giveaway ending July 26.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

found the camera.

Not sure it really helps any, but hey, at
least I can try some of the funky angle
shots that are all en vogue right now.
Made these tonight for a "tag" swap for
the Inspire Me swap-bot group. The
idea is to send a little something to get
us inspired to go make something--these
flowers are going out to a scrapbooker,
along with some trims and fibers.

Inchies. Dang, I need a magnifying glass
to make these little guys. They are, indeed,
true inchies. One inch square. Teeny tiny.
All of the collage images are from Altered Pages.

One set is for an swap hosted by the lovely
and the other for an Art42 swap hosted by
Faith Marie.

Oh, look, it's the heartfelt again. And,
even with the blechhy lighting, you can still
see it better than with the blechhy scan.

I like the vintage button.

How do you spell "blechhy?"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

heartfelt and paper doll clothes (WHERE is my camera??)

(Where is my camera??)
Four inch heart, with the Gingersnap Creations
GC56 Ivory, Burgundy, and Black Color Challenge
in mind. This will go off for an Art42 swap.

Kelly's new outfit; for the Traveling Me Paper
Doll round robin at swap-bot.
Okay, fine, I used cloth, but it's adhered to
paper. That still counts, right?

Has anyone found my camera yet?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey, I thought it was funny!

It's pretty common knowledge amongst my friends,
both real and imaginary, that I'm not really a
card maker. It's not that I don't like making
cards, it's just that, when trying to make a
card, my brain rebels, freezes up, cuts off the
blood flow to anything remotely resembling
creative, and the results are (ahem) less than

Unless I'm at Rhonda's, and she's very patiently
explaining what to do next, I pretty much avoid
the whole card thing.

But last year (seriously, it was a long time ago),
I made a card for a challenge. It looked pretty
good, for me, I thought, so I stuck it on the art
room wall.

See? Not so bad, right?

Then another friend told me about a magazine
where she routinely submits her cards for
publication, and I figured, "Why not?"

You can even see the corner of my card
on the cover pic! And in the inside, on
the flyleaf, AND in the Thank You card section.
I'd never seen an issue of Just Cards before--
it's got a good variety of styles.

Anyway, I thought the whole thing was pretty
funny, and a nice surprise.

(Julie, don't even pretend you aren't reading
this--D and Karen are in here, too. How funny
is that??)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

altered book tip-in pages

For a Lisa Vollrath swap, summer themed, at Art42.

Scanned instead of photographed--you can tell by
the funny "shadow" in the corner, and from the
random spots!! Here's a piece of "duh" advice:

If you're going to scan your artwork, make sure to
clean the scanner bed first! AND if you're going
to go the effort of making a bunch of pages, make
sure to send them in EARLY. I thought I mailed these
with plenty of time for them to make it to the
hostess by the deadline, but haven't heard that
they arrived. Not cool. *sigh*

Friday, June 04, 2010

do you go saleing?

We go saleing, usually on Friday mornings--you
know, saleing. Estate sales, garage sales,
yard sales. We don't get up at the crack of
dawn, or travel a zillion miles away, so I
guess we're casual salers.

Today, at the first estate sale, I found a
roll of craft aluminum, and this, brand new,
in the box, cord still wrapped with the little
twisty tie:

I said "Thank you very much."
It never hurts to have a back-up heat gun, right?

BUT then, there was a box of "stuff." Lots of
stuff, stuff I like.

"How much is this box of stuff?"


Well, "Thank you very much," again!

This isn't all of it--there is a stack of Bible lesson
cards from 1885 through the early 1900's with striking
lithographs, various cards, postcards, and graduation
announcements from the early 1900's. One piece was a
grade school graduation program; there were only five
students in the entire class!

I like stuff.

Have you been saleing lately? Find anything fun?