Thursday, June 24, 2010

found the camera.

Not sure it really helps any, but hey, at
least I can try some of the funky angle
shots that are all en vogue right now.
Made these tonight for a "tag" swap for
the Inspire Me swap-bot group. The
idea is to send a little something to get
us inspired to go make something--these
flowers are going out to a scrapbooker,
along with some trims and fibers.

Inchies. Dang, I need a magnifying glass
to make these little guys. They are, indeed,
true inchies. One inch square. Teeny tiny.
All of the collage images are from Altered Pages.

One set is for an swap hosted by the lovely
and the other for an Art42 swap hosted by
Faith Marie.

Oh, look, it's the heartfelt again. And,
even with the blechhy lighting, you can still
see it better than with the blechhy scan.

I like the vintage button.

How do you spell "blechhy?"


2amscrapper said...

wonderful art!

Terry said...

Looks like you have been busy! Very cool!

Michele said...

i think the inchies were worth the eye strain, they're fabulous!

Christine said...

Everything looks great! Love all the inchies! How fun are they? And that heart is just beautiful!!!


Lynn Stevens said...

Glad you found the camera! Those inchies are really kewl! Esp the crows! Your heart collage is a real work of art also!

Dawn said...

Yep much better! loving yr incies xx

Shar said...

So happy you found that camera! You have been busy! What delightful pieces - one and all!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I think that's just exactly how I would have spelled it.
Glad you found your camera. I would be lost without mine!

Lori said...

Jana, I want one of Trisha's inchies. Ok, now that I got that out of the way, the inchies are superb! The heart is awesome as rocked these projects! I think you spelled blecchy ok, or is it blecky, like Becky with an "l"? lol

Nola Burkhard said...

I LOVE your heartfelt ones--they are all beautiful.
TFS, Nola--Yahoo group

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi trisha,
love your inchies and your heart is beautiful.TFS.Also, a big thank you for posting my giveaway.Good Luck!Have a great weekend.

Jana said...

WOWsers. These inchies are delish. I want to keep them all. Sorry Lori, they're all mine. Just kidding. I'll make sure you get one of these. Love the heart too. You're right. It looks leaps and bounds better in the blechhy lighting than it does in the blechhy scan. (I'm pretty sure you spelled it right.)

Julie said...

Love the flowers.

Marianna said...

Love your inchies. I just never know what to do with mine?

Rhonda Langley said...

Love your cute little inchies. I cut a piece of paper that was 1" square just to see how small it was. I have decided that I am just too old and my eyes are too bad to ever make inchies.

Dual said...

i'm Back around to blogs. I leave you a greet. I also love photography
Gio '

Jingle said...

I am totally loving your inchies! They look fantastic!

Contessa Kris said...

Hey girl. Beautiful artworks! Love everything. The flowers remind me of something made for a shop a couple years ago but can't remember which one. I'll have to go look now. Lovely!

daisy said...

Beautiful inchies & the heart is totally adorable!