Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bag swap and Mi Ranchito

Here's the cute bag for the tiny bag swap full
of goodies--my person is a knitter, so I hope
she likes her fiber and stuff.

Okay, Scott and I are becoming a little obsessed
with Mi Ranchito. It has the BEST Mexican food
EVER. (Sorry, Chelly's! Actually, Chelly's beans
and veggie quesadilla's still win out in those
departments.) We ate there yesterday for lunch,
and they were just barely slow in getting us set
up with menus and such, so they gave us free
espinaca dip.

I have a chip problem anyway (as in, chip-pig I am),
so that was bad. Didn't even eat half my lunch.
Couldn't even eat half the spindip. Everything
we've had so far is excellent. We were talking
about it again this morning. Seriously, we need
help . . .

Saturday, March 03, 2007

altered book club

Went to a thing at Stamper's Ink today, thanks to
Kris (that girl is going to get me in trouble!), and
joined an altered book club.

Learned a cool and easy technique, worked on altering
some puzzle pieces, and generally visited and had a
good time. Once a month. I can do this. They're
working on round robin altered books, and then they
show-and-tell each month. Really pretty stuff!

The store is right up the street from our store, so
I'm sitting here at our shop using the road runner.
Wow, it's fast, compared to at home! Was hoping dear
husband would take me out to dinner, and it was
looking pretty good--close to closing, only one
person in the store--and then people started coming
in. As in, lots of people. Ugh. I'm hungry!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

1x1 swap images site


Look, I can't figure out how to insert the images.

Okay, yes, I click the spot and type in the site
and then it shows up in the draft and preview, but
not the published. So just cut and paste--it's
worth it, these are so fun!

I'm thinking about joining a fabric tag book swap.
It may be closed, but THAT would be fun . . .