Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clean And Simple if it kills me.

For the newest color challenge at Gingersnap Creations:
Iron, Leather, and Brass (also known as dark grey, warm
brown, and brassy yellow).

So I challenged myself to make a Clean And Simple card
for this round--if you know me, you know I'm card
challenged to begin with. The CAS style is one I admire,
and very much appreciate when someone ELSE does it . . .

. . . but I dunno, this looks awfully plain to me. The
image is great, though--what a handsome fellow! He
arrived from June's Dezinaworld, who graciously hosted
this month's challenges. You have a chance for some lovely
goodies from June, just for joining in the fun at Gingersnap

I'm not giving up--I'm going to get the hang of this
CAS thing, even if it kills me. And let me tell you,
it might just! Do you know how hard it is to NOT
splatter or smear or collage or stamp up a background
of SOME kind???

Do you do CAS?

And I'm still going to work up that swap I mentioned
HERE, so be thinking about joining. It will essentially
be me mailing you an small envie of arty stuff from my
stash, you creating an atc, card, tag--something--
from it, and sending me an e-mail pic of it to include
in a blog post.


Friday, July 22, 2011

more photo freebies!

Here are a couple more of the daughter's photos;
as with the others, feel free to use them in your
art, if you like. Leave us a link, so we can stop
by and see what you do!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lana liked to sit alone . . .

. . . and dream about her journeys . . .

For the latest challenge at Gingersnap Creations,
here is a, well, hanging? It's kind of 3-D-ish,
as well. Anyway, going along with this month's
general steampunk theme, and today's newly posted,
more specific theme, Trains and Planes. No trains
in this, but a couple of planes, not to mention a
couple of flyboys to go along with them. The images
were kindly provided by this month's sponsor, the
sweet June at Dezinaworld.

Still trying to get the hang of the new camera!

Speaking of journeys, and pics, here's another photo
from Turkey--it's part of a fallen pillar, and looked
like a great background to me, so feel free to use
it in your art.

Friday, July 08, 2011

souvenirs for everyone!

We are home! What a fantastic trip--the first four
days were spent helping with a children's program
in Istanbul, the next week traveling to see the amazing
sites at Troy, and the seven churches in the book of
Revelation: Ephesus, Smyrna (now Izmir), Pergamum
(Bergama), Thyratira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and
Laodicea. Then we were back in Istanbul for a day
of touring and shopping.

You KNOW we took LOTS of photos, and some you might
like to use in your artwork? Here are a couple you
may enjoy--feel free to use them, and if you do, I'd
love to see what you create! These will get bigger
if you click on them, and then you should be able
to print them.

If you have tips on sharing photos for other people to
use, please let me know--I don't really know what I'm doing,
and am always happy to receive good advice!

The doorway is from the ruins at Ephesus, but right
now, I'm not sure where the first photo was taken.
Let me know if this works for you? And if you'd like
more? Because we have SO many more!