Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the Christmas that ate my lunch.

December ate my lunch.

Not in a bad way, really, but, well, you know.

The whole holiday thing.

Here are a few pics--

The Homemade Birthday Ice Cream:

Our tree (rather out-of-focus):

this pic is for Lola--you think your little guy
lacks wrapping skills? The 16-year-old
did this! (Okay, okay, in all fairness, the boy
actually DOES know how to wrap a gift, but this
one was for his older brother.)

This is the pendant we bought on Etsy for the
mother-in-law. It's even more gorgeous in
real life--found it at Scheri's shop.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and are looking
forward to a wonderful new year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming, so why am i hanging out here?

Stuff I've done this week--
NOT gone to work,
made a zillion cookies,
made don't-ask-how-many coffee rings,
went sledding (THAT was WAY fun!),
wrapped lotsa gifts,
today made little clay figures for our
revised version of Clue.

All my Etsy orders came in, plus my
fabric order from Gracie Lou, and I
am so happy with all of them!

Today, I'm "shopping" here:

Enter the Oh How Lovely Shops Big Holiday Giveaway!

good times . . .
tomorrow is Candy Day. No, that's not right,
it's Decorate Cookies day. And my mom's
birthday! Happy Birthday party at my house!
She's an ice cream freak, so we're making
homemade ice cream.

Yes, in December.

Don't be so judgemental.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I stand corrected.

Here's my Barbie house.

It actually had three stories.

Sorry, Barbie, but GI Joe still has better stuff.

Not the greatest clip, but this is the very same
townhouse I had. Youtube is pretty amazing--
these old commercials amuse me to no end!

Here's the creepy GI Joe with moving eyes (Lola!),
plus some of his Action Man buddies. I've got the
Sea Wolf set WITH the BOX!! sitting on the counter
right now, waiting to be sorted through and cleaned
up a bit.

All you people out there sewing, and painting,
and stamping--do a little extra for me today,
will you please?


Friday, December 05, 2008

altered tin with magnetic paper dolls

Hanging out at a baseball card store can have its
advantages. For instance, a large selection of
discarded tins to alter, mine for the taking!!

So this little number is now a trip to Paris for
three little girlies and their nifty dresses.

Not only is it a set of dollies, but they have
their own case. Because no one wants to lose a hat.

I actually did try it without a tin first--was thinking
of making a folio for the dolls using library pockets--
but the magnets weren't magnetty enough without the tin
behind them.

All the images are from Altered Pages.
I've got a little niece who will love this!
Okay, she's not really my niece, but close

Today is not an art day, but at least I get to
play--with GI Joes, particularly (that's right,
we play with toys for a living!) If I had
realized what awesome stuff GI Joe had, Barbie
would have got the boot. Who needs a two story
dolly house with an elevator when you can have
a training tower with a giant snake???

Do YOU have Kung Fu grip??
And what the heck happened to my Barbie house,

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the year of π.

This Thanksgiving was the year of pie.
I started baking, and could not stop.
(This condition occurs with some degree
of frequency, an is usually met with
gladsome hearts by those around me.)

Two pumpkin,

two cherry,

one key lime,

and two French Silk.

All dolloped with big plops of real whipped cream.

Personally, I didn't actually eat that much, but
did catch the blame from others with less pie
resistance. One deceptively trim young man (who
shall remain nameless) consumed three large pieces
at one sitting.


Get it?
You know, π. Pi.


Anyway, look at that clicky link for the Holiday
Gift Guide--some fun giveaways going on there . . .