Friday, April 18, 2008

faith tiles

The creative Therapy challenge for this week is "What you like best about yourself."

That would be my faith.

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

At least one other person has chosen
the same; I love looking at how
everyone interprets themselves.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

some more pendants for the Aunties and Cousins

Omni gel photo transfers on bamboo tiles, Basic Grey rub-ons, beads, charms.
It's my grandma in most of the pics, one when she was 16, the one by the car when she was 17. The other is my Aunt June and Aunt Helen. These are all for gifts.

pendants for the Aunties and Cousins

Monday, April 14, 2008


Right in the midst of the annual end of the school year, feel like a loser, didn't do enough, my children will be academic idiots, it's all my fault, we'll be doing algebra all summer, blah blah blah, etc., ad nauseum . . .

really, this happens every year, and you'd think I'd see it coming, but noooooo, it hits me like a something really heavy upside the head. Sheesh. The aforementioned hormone issue (posted below) probably doesn't help, but I digress.


Last night, we watched a PBS thing about people who are doing various animal studies, which in all fairness was interesting (because I AM that nerdy). But honestly, when faced (once again) with the "What's the point of it all? What's the meaning of life?" question, I feel confident in saying, that at least for me, it is NOT having over 4000 hours of prairie grouse calls on tape . . . and oddly, that was enough consolation for the moment.

one last ugh for good measure.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

ridin' the hormone rollercoaster

This ride bites.
Let me the heck off.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

this week . . .

This was a wonderful week. Very busy, but great all the same.
Monday, the husband and I spent the day NOT doing the usual
errands, but having a nice lunch and exploring some new thrift
shops and such.

Tuesday was the usual school things, but no violin, so spent
the day wrestling with the Prom Dress That Tried to Take Over
My Life, but then had the welcome respite of reading for two
hours straight while #2 was fencing.

Wednesday, spent a delightful afternoon visiting with Julie
(of the Wolves) from Alaska, and her husband and friends.
She really has the most interesting friends, I love to just
sit and listen to everybody. She looked wonderful, and it
was so good to see her again!

Thursday I got together with a few friends and we scrapbooked.
A little art therapy all around.

Friday was an all-day affair of this and that. It left me
feeling weary, but accomplished. And my stampin' up order
from Rhonda came in. AND THEN, I finally checked
my e-mail, and found that I'd won a piece of artwork from
Tipper. The thing is, I wasn't trying to
win anything, I just like her blog! So hooray for me, and
go take a peek at the angel that is coming my way.

Oh, and today, I'm cleaning house, but it's so GREAT TO BE
HOME! It's actually fun. That's right, fun. Vacuuming,
dusting, laundry, it's all good! :) :) :) happy at home!

(And thank you Lola for the prom bag suggestions, I appreciate it!)

spring handbag swap!

Here's my offering for the spring handbag swap--not the fabric
I had intended to use, but honestly, I couldn't find it. It's
just a mess around here. The bag is modfied from an Angry
Chicken pattern, and it's also her No Cash Wallet pattern.

What I should be posting is a picture of the girlfriend's prom
dress, which made me a little nuts for about a week. It took
over the house. We had little chats together, the dress and I.
Mostly it was me scolding it, but at least it's finished, it
fits, she likes it, and prom is TONIGHT. Look, I LIKE making
bags, the occasional cape or costume type thing, and quilting--
you get the idea. But not prom dresses. And for some reason,
my children apparently think I possess the ability to do just
about anything--my son asked me to make him a shirt and tie to
match, 4 days prior to prom. Really. And I have never not once
sewn an actual button hole. Duly enlightened, he spent a little
time at the local department store, and will look just as handsome
as can be, matching tie or no.


Every spring THE BIRDS come migrating
through--it's a whole cackling cacophonous
chorus when they light in the trees, but as soon as they take flight,

Very weird experience. We love it.

drawing class

Here is the majority of the drawing class, working on
a contour drawing. What a motley crew. Actually,
they're a pretty good bunch--I'll keep 'em, but only on a
week-to-week basis . . .


Here are some of the masks from the homeschool co-op
art class. THOUGHT we had one of the whole class, but
apparently that was on the yearbook camera. *sigh*

These aren't even the finished products; they all did
a fantastic job, and I was impressed with all the
different ideas they had. They were pretty pleased
with themselves, too, so we were all happy!