Wednesday, October 30, 2013

mess, bunting pieces, tiny book pendant--What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, #230

Here is what is on my workdesk (the daughter came home and said, "Mom,
did you have a little stamping party today?")

Here are the pieces of a fabric bunting, ready to be stitched together--it's for a
wedding, a good friend of our son's--
And I can finally show you the whole piece from the sneak peek a few weeks
back (peek link):
A tiny hand bound book, made into a pendant, with lots of charms.  It's
got a steampunk kind of thing going on, but it really is a book, not just a
pendant . . . it's in this issue:
You can find them on facebook and at the site.

That's it for me this week, fellow WOYWWers--I'm a little late to the party, but
hope to "see" you soon! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

happy mail!! What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday, #229

Happy mail, happy mail is what's on my workdesk this Wednesday--this pile of
brand new stamps is from my brand new design team, how fun is that?
These are from Something Tattered--lovely vintagey, romantic images.  You can
see some on a wedding gift in the post below, or just clickers HERE.  (I'm going
to stamp on some silk, thus the tub of trusty fabric inks is making an appearance.)

And here is MORE happy mail--thank you to Tarja in Finland, Anne S. in New
Zealand, Anne C. in France, and our own WOYWWer Dianne for all the delightful
atcs--and all the lovely bits to create with, Dianne!  The sweet dress birthday card
is from my friend, Rhonda--isn't is beautiful?
See what I mean?  Happy Mail!!!
I think I caught up with all of you who visited last week--I apologize if I missed
anyone!  Will see you later--looking forward to my weekly snoop, you know?
Happy WOYWW, everyone, and a big thank you to Julia for hosting.

PS--Still looking for more addresses for the ATCs Around the World project, so
if you know someone who might like a little happy mail of their own, please check
the link tab at the top of the blog for the list of countries not "taken."  (While it
would be nice to get an e-mail saying that the atc arrived at its destination, this isn't
a swap, so no need to feel as though something needs to be returned.)

SO excited to say . . . (seriously excited, okay?)

So I've been waiting to tell you all--I am delighted to say I am now a member
of the first ever Something Tattered Design Team.  (If you aren't familiar with
Something Tattered stamps, you may want to take a look at the site--so many
truly lovely images, with a French-shabby-vintage kind of vibe to them.
Really beautiful.)

Here are my new dt sisters, hailing from around the world:
Design Team Leader


 If you're one of my cardmaking or scrappy friends, you will for sure and certain
want to visit these talented ladies--I'm not really sure how I was fortunate enough
to end up among them, but am ever so thankful to be given the opportunity.

Now you know I can't get a bunch of awesome new stamps and not play, right?
And coincidentally, we were going to a wedding Saturday, so what better chance
to crack open the new stuff and ink it up?  Here's a look--went with the bride's
colors (a dove grey and champagne), and made up some wrapping paper:

See what I mean?  French-shabby-vintage, right?? 
Thank you again, Beth and Something Tattered!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

True Story Time--glitter edition, round 2

 True Story Time--this one may even beat the glitter (haiku) of 2010:

"Mom.  Mom.  Mom, you have something all over your face.  Oh, it's just glitter.
Ewww, I think it's in your TEETH, too!!"

(It was.)

Here is a detail shot of all that glitter--if you'd like to see the rest of this Halloweeny
piece (beware of bad jokes if you do), stop in at the Altered Pages Artsociates blog.

There's a hop happening, and if it's as cold and wet where you are as it is here, then
you may be ready for a hot mug of something yummy and a good bloggy snoop.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Уважаемые кто-то в России . . .

Уважаемые кто-то в России,
Если вы хотели бы получить карту искусство как часть ATCs Around The World проект, пожалуйста, отправьте по электронной почте адрес: trisha2too на Hotmail точка ком

Вы даже можете выбрать доступные УВД из галереи, здесь.

Я использовал Google Translate для этого, поэтому она может переводить странно.

:) Триша

Dear Someone in Russia,
If you would like to receive an art card as part of the ATCs Around The World project, please send your address to:  trisha2too at hotmail dot com  You may even choose an available atc from the gallery, HERE.

(I used google translate for this--so it may translate oddly.) 

Thank you,
:) trisha

I still need LOTS of country contacts--if you might know someone willing to receive
mail from a stranger, please check out the Project Page.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

stuff AND a sneak peek--I really like this project! What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday, #228

Hello, fellow WOYWWers!  I have returned from a couple of little journies--
one to Washington DC with the daughter, and a shorter weekend getaway with the
dear husband.

Here is what's on my workdesk:

Bits and pieces, a little bit of mess, working on several things . . . but here is a
sneak peek of a piece that is probably one of my favorite makes this year:
You can probably tell what it is--this will be in the very next issue of
Altered Arts Magazine, and I'm a little impatient to see how it looks
"in print!"  Okay, yes, you're right, a little more than a little impatient!! ;)

Will be around to visit you all soon--it's been a while since I've had a good
WOYWW snoop;  I've missed you all!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

this, that . . . and the paper doll book, yay!

One last trip to the beach for this little Rogue Redhead Designs Beach Babe . . .

A little peek at a stitchy piece I've been finishing off . . . this one for Altered Arts Magazine:

And here is the paper doll book, back from Wendy, with lots of gorgeous pages--yay!

This is the cover, made by Wendy of Bliss Angels

From Michelle of Nook And Cranny
From Kim of A Vintage Fairy
This is the back of Kim's page, the opposite is one of my own--you can see it HERE
This is Wendy's page!  She put a lot of work into this swap.
Left is the back of another of my pages, and right is Cathee's dolly page
Thank you again to everyone for a super swap!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

home again, Amelia Earhart, up a chimney, a hand carved stamp, blog hop--all kinds of stuff!!!

The girl child and I had a great time on our trip to our nation's capitol.  AND we're
VERY happy our little jaunt was last week, before all the shut-downs!  There are so
many things to see, a person could stay in Washington DC for a month just taking in
the sights.
at the Lincoln Memorial

flight jacket, goggles, and plane (in background) belonging to Amelia Earhart
my daughter up a chimney in a Smithsonian exhibit--those are her feet . . .

We had a great time, but it was good to get home.  I started on a few projects--this
one is a share for Altered Arts Magazine (the next issue is fixing to come out, yay!)--
a hand carved stamp, and let me tell you, I'm pretty pleased with the results.
my latest hand carved stamp--I like the kind of rough, folk-art look it has
Can you tell what the stamp is supposed to be??

If not, here is a little peek of it in action:
You can find the whole piece at the Altered Pages Artsociates blog--we're
joining in a huge Halloween themed blog hop for the month of October. 
There are lots of prizes and project ideas along the way, so if you have a chance,
you may want to check it out.

(I'm thinking of making a series using the couple--The Adventures of Bertram
and Bettie.  They look so VERY dramatic, it brings out the smarty pants in me!
They're actually silent film stars;  if you know who they were in real life, let me
know, okay?  Thank you! :)