Thursday, February 25, 2010

WWI, unicorns, and G is for Girl.

Real words from my children.

Upon the completion of a Civil War dvd,
with the new WWI dvd in hand:

"Wanna go ahead and watch WWI? I hear
it's pretty good. Good enough they made
a sequel. Supposedly, they're working on
making it a trilogy."

Two children:
"I love horses."

"Yeah, and unicorns. But there are no
unicorns, because they cut their horns
off when they're babies."

(Please imagine the horror in the girl child's
voice) "You can't cut off a unicorn's horn!"

"Yes, you can, with a saw."

"NO, you can't. If you cut off a unicorn's
horn, it kills them, you dummyhead!"

What's that? Why, yes, yes, we do indeed homeschool.

Kids really DO say the darndest things, even when
they're teenagers. Maybe ESPECIALLY when
they're teens!

Here is a G inchy:

G is for Girl

I have a G is for Giraffe, too, but no pic yet.
See more abc inchies at Fiona's.

Friday, February 19, 2010

a not-so-great week ends well

Been sick with a cold + weather here = b l e a h .

A very short while ago, however, I found the stack
of mail that had been brought in, but I hadn't seen
yet, and in it was the new Somerset Studio:

With my little Alice like so:

She had other friends, but they didn't make it
into the Somerset Alice mix:

So things are looking up around here.

Anything fun happening with you? Made anything
lately? Leave me a link--it's snowing here AGAIN,
and I would love to come "visit" you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OWOH and inchie letter F

The OWOH winners have been notified, and I'm waiting
to hear back from them. Thank you to all who stopped

Here is my F inchie.

Visit Fiona's Inchy by Inch challenge for
more amazing tiny works of art.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

inchie challenge

B is for Boy

C is for Cat
(anyone recognize him?)

D is for Dodo

E is for Eye

At Fiona's Inchy By Inch blog, the
challenge right now is to work
through the alphabet.


Here is a group of inchies
made for a swap at Latest
Trends in Mixed Media Art
The images are from one of
the Itty Bitties collage
sheets at Altered Pages.
I like using the jewels,
but they never photograph
or scan very well. They
look surprisingly flat.

Well, too bad, yes? They're
all shiny and fun when
you hold them in your hand,
and that's more important--
at least to the person
holding it! :)

Friday, February 05, 2010

pink and black love atcs

Made with the pink and black challenge at
Theme Thursday in mind, these are also for
a Love themed atc swap at Altered Pages and
The Scrapbook Get-Away.

textured black cardstock, patterned paper, charm,
organdy ribbon, Altered Pages collage images,
ostrich feathers, Jet Black StazOn, vellum tags