Monday, September 03, 2007

dream/prayer journal

I finally had this long enough that I'm able to happily give it away;
sometimes it's like that, you know. Sometimes there's something
really special about something you've made, and it's hard to let it
go. And sometimes, maybe you aren't supposed to let it go? But I'm
happy with this now, and donated it to the local Apple Festival,
which benefits the Baptist Children's Home. So that's a good thing.
But now I'm thinking, "okay, what if no one bids on it?
How embarrassing will THAT be???" If I hadn't put my name on the
form, then no one would have even know it was from me. Rats.

On the other hand, maybe it will do really well, right? I think it
would be better to think along these lines, yes? We'll see what
happens Saturday! :)

UPDATE--not only did they bid, this won first prize in the "Unusual" category!  :)