Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does anyone know why . . .

. . . the horseflies chase our cars down the
driveway, bombarding it with their little bodies,
making the inside of the vehicle resound with
"thud, thud, thuds!?!"

That has to hurt. Maybe horseflies don't feel

(They don't ever chase US, just the cars.)

Anyone know? This ever happen to you? Ever
been bitten by one of those bad boys?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FINALLY made something

I was finally home and had some time to MAKE SOMETHING
yesterday! This summer has been on fast forward, let
me tell you.

ANYWAY, it's a triptych,

using transparencies,

letting the words on the tags behind the transparencies
show through.

Kind of this look HERE, at Ill Tempered Ink, but mine
is not stamped. I like this look. CASEing is a
challenge this month at Gingersnap Creations.

The pictures aren't the best; I'm not sure why they're
coming up on blogger so small. Nope, I didn't resize
them tiny, and chose "large" for the pic . . . I like the
look after the tags are pulled, too. This one is Live, Love
Laugh. I also designed a Peace, Love, Joy, and a Faith,
Hope, Love triptych, as well.

All the collage images are printed on transparencies, from
Altered Pages. It's
also "anything but a card," right, Crafty Catz?

Okay, fine, yes, I figured out if you click on the picture,
you can see it larger! Whoa, that may be TOO big, thank you!

Monday, July 19, 2010

fun bloggy giveaway

What's new with you? Last week was VBS (that's
short for Vacation Bible School), and we taught
the first grade boys.

Fun? Pretty much. Tiring? Very yes.

Speaking of fun, look at Lara's bloggy giveaway.
She likes to go sale-ing, too, apparently, and
is kindly offering up a film canister of goodies.
The name of her blog, it cracks me up--it essentially
sums up every day of my life!!!

It's extremely hot and humid here, so I'm feeling
painfully dull and stupid today. Remember the cheesy
"This is your brain on drugs" service announcements?

Yep, that's about it . . . minus the actual drugs.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yesterday, I'm reading my e-mail, and the 17-year-old
son comes in to read over my shoulder. The children
folk like to keep tabs on me.

He reads one of the ubiquitous ad things that hang out in
the perimeter of the computer screen (and don't even
register in my brain) out loud:

"Who would take care of your family if you weren't able?"

I answered, "Well, at this point, I'm pretty sure my family
would take care of themselves." (Bear in mind the oldest
is 21, the youngest is 13.)

"Wrong," he says. "We would all eventually starve to death
or die of some horrible disease due to the filthy conditions."

"WHAT? ALL of you know how to cook AND clean!"

"Doesn't mean we'd do it, though."


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

thank you, Lorelie Kim!

What a great lot of goodies--thank you, Lorelie Kim!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday sale-ing

Went sale-ing today before heading to work with the
DH--didn't buy anything big, but got some goodies:

Four packages of candle wax pellet things, a new kit
for making beaded bobby pins (the DD will like that),
three new big hunkin' bags of jewels, a vintage alphabet
and number rubber stamp set, some vintage colored pencils,
a vintage set of those candles that melt and drip different
colors (wanted some of those ever since I was a kid!!),

this frame with this little cutie in it---

she's in plastic wrap right now--will take that
off when we get home, poor thing can't breath.

AND a big ol' Nemadji pot! I have a collection of these,

but have so many, I just buy them when they're super
cheap. This one is in fantastic condition, and the
colors really do it for me.

DH found some baseball cards, so he was happy
enough, too, since what he bought will almost
pay for everything we both bought after he sells
them. (I'm keeping my stuff, thank you!)

Any good finds lately?

Happy Independence Day!