Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday sale-ing

Went sale-ing today before heading to work with the
DH--didn't buy anything big, but got some goodies:

Four packages of candle wax pellet things, a new kit
for making beaded bobby pins (the DD will like that),
three new big hunkin' bags of jewels, a vintage alphabet
and number rubber stamp set, some vintage colored pencils,
a vintage set of those candles that melt and drip different
colors (wanted some of those ever since I was a kid!!),

this frame with this little cutie in it---

she's in plastic wrap right now--will take that
off when we get home, poor thing can't breath.

AND a big ol' Nemadji pot! I have a collection of these,

but have so many, I just buy them when they're super
cheap. This one is in fantastic condition, and the
colors really do it for me.

DH found some baseball cards, so he was happy
enough, too, since what he bought will almost
pay for everything we both bought after he sells
them. (I'm keeping my stuff, thank you!)

Any good finds lately?

Happy Independence Day!



FlipSyde said...

:) Fun stash of goodies! Now I want to head out bargain shopping!!

Lori said...

Wow, really cool stash! I got a stamp set just like that a couple of weekends ago, aren't they awesome?!!! Today I found a couple of things, non crafty type things, but was pretty pleased!

Terry said...

I have not done that in ages! Awesome finds you picked up! Enjoy them!

Rhonda Langley said...

Look at all the goodies! Yummy bags of jewels!

Jana said...

Very cool finds. It's always great when both of you can find something.

Rush'd Lady said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot! I can't wait till I go junkin'!

trisha too said...

You know, I bought the frame with the pics of the little cutie just for the images, but after I took the wrapping off, it's all in such good condition, I hung it on the wall!

That kid makes me smile!


carla said...

I was just leap frogging around to new craft blogs and found yours. How lovely!

That's a great looking set of vintage alphabet stamps. Did you get them at an antique mall or thrift shop? I have this little tiny set made for children, probably back in the 1940s. It was so they could make a newspaper and has a piece of wood to slide the letters onto, kind of like the old printer's type. But they are so small, they're difficult to use.

This morning I sorted out a bunch of old sewing things (rick rack, lace, wooden spools, ribbon and patterns) that friends have given me when they are getting rid of stuff. And I'm passing on the things that I can't use. I'm so glad that there are people who don't just throw away their old stuff - so I can buy it!