Thursday, September 26, 2013

Paper dolls!

Finished paper dolls (for the same swap as the mermaids--you can see one of the
finished mermaids HERE.)  I took several pictures, since what's the point of making
paper dolls, if you don't PLAY with them??

The swapped pages will be bound into a book . . . four of my pages are similar,
but different.  This is the front, with a stitched vellum pocket to hold the doll and
The back of the pages (the letters are glittery), the backgrounds are all
spritzy and inky, stamped with Rogue Redhead Designs awesome
background stamps.

wearing some Gelli print clothes
That was fun.  At least for me--but I hope you had fun, too. 

The girl child and I are out of town at the moment--I will be back to blog
visit you next week.  See you soon! :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

swaps to mail--What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, #224

It's finished swaps, getting ready to mail them out--
and my favorite background stamps, and other random supplies.

Have a great WOYWWednesday, everyone--I'll be by to see you later!
Thank you for all the help and good wishes with the ATCs Around the World Project,
I appreciate it!  There are still plenty of countries on the list, just saying . . .

PS--some of those stamps are now available in the UK at Make the Day Special
(Sorry for not including that, BJ!)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

mermaid paper doll

For my Altered Arts Magazine post today, here is a mermaid
paper doll book page I've been working on:
The swap pages will be bound by the awesome swap hostess into a book--
how great is that???  (Thank you, Wendy!)  Anyway, this page and the
mermaid's body have Gelli plate print bases.  In the pic above, you can see
the glitter highlights--those are from a Wink Of Stella pen.
          The left side is intentionally a little blank, as that will be bound--here she 
          is swimming in her lonely sea . . .
And here she is out--the blue is from a repurposed blue plastic folder, 
the letters are a vintage stamp set, and the head is from Altered Pages .

I'm kind of into this whole arty paper doll thing now--if you have a link
you'd like to share, I'd love to see some you've made, or some 
favorites you've found?

Thank you for looking, and a Happy Sunday to you!  (Just a reminder--
if you haven't checked out the ATCs Around the World project yet, please
give it a look.  Even if  your country is already "taken," maybe you can
help with an address or two.)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

paper dolls and ATCs--What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, #223

Workdesk is once again in the living room, but NOT because the art room is
a mess (it's still very tidy).  If I'm working on something when there are other
people in the house, I'm more centrally located if I'm not back in my hidey hole.
paper doll pieces--one is going to be a mermaid
The box in the upper left corner is full of atcs:
flat atcs for the ATCs Around The World project

I'm working on sending an ATC to every country in the world--as you can imagine,
it's going to be difficult to find an address for every country.  If you wouldn't mind
receiving an atc, or if your country is already "taken" and you know of someone who
would like one, please let me know--you can find more info at the top of my blog in
the tabs.  You know I could seriously use your help with this, WOYWWers.  And
if it's okay with our favorite hostess, I'd like to send the UK card to her?  What say
you, Miss Julia?

Thank you, WOYWWers-- I'll see you later with a big mug of tea and a good long
round of blog visiting.  And thank you, Julia, for the weekly trip around the arty globe.

PS--let me add that the ATCs Around the World is not a swap, although
I won't say no to anyone who wants to send me one, right?  But if you have
an address for a family member or friend or coworker, that would be great,
and no return atc needed!  :)

Saturday, September 07, 2013

atcs around the world project--can you help?

So I'm working on sending an atc to every country in the world (which explains
all the flat atcs lately, yes?).  If you, my bloggy friend, could help with an address
or two, that would be fabulous--please see the master list HERE.

Here are two of the atcs I plan to mail out--these feature images from Altered 
Pages.  (Unfortunately, they've been lurking about my desk, detached from their
original sheet, and I don't know which pages they came from, and there are SO
many great collage sheets at AP, I can't find them!)

what a soulful expression!

I would totally wear that hat.
 Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

keeping it flat . . .

You know what?  Once you get used to embellishing atcs, it's hard to keep them
flat!  I've been working on making atcs that are easily mailed, which means steering
clear of the bulky embellishments.  Here are three I'd like to share with you today
for Altered Arts Magazine:

These clearly aren't a set, but there are different elements about each one I really like.
subtle touches
this one is just fun
REALLY like this background, and c'mon, it's a penguin!!!  :)
The background on the middle Mickey Rooney atc is mixed media collage,
but the penguin has added stamping with found objects, which is always a good

So is it just me?  Or is it hard for you to keep your atcs flat, too?

Anyway, why not join in some challenge fun:
Aud Sentiments--any sentiment.  (Hello, Pal!)
Crafter's Cafe--humorous.  (Am I the only one thinking Hello Pal! is funny?)
Fab n' Funky--complementary colors (Mr. Penguin's blue and orange)
Frilly and Funkie--anything goes.  I guess that could be any of them, but that
butterfly in the center of the first one came from f&f, so . . .

There are plenty more great challenges out there, so if you need some inspiration,
you may want to check out Paper Playful for a little kick in the creative pants.  :)