Friday, January 19, 2007

teeny tiny swaps

Here are some 1x1
swaps for a yahoo
group I joined.
These were way
more fun to make
then I'd originally
anticipated. It was
one of those times
when I really needed
to be making
wasn't motivated to
do anything. Swaps
give me that deadline,
and make me feel
obligated to finish a

So, there you go.

The two with the old filmstrips are a little dark, and I don't know if
everyone will appreciate my sense of humor (did theDodo sing? the
felted heart in heartfelt, the frog stamp on the card from the frog
closure used in sewing), but that's the risk you take with swaps. You
can't even appreciate the textures and such without holding these in
your hand--I really like incorporating layers, and something more
tactile than smooth paper. It was fun to use all the goodies; the
ephemera, embossing stuff, the ribbons and trims I drool over,
microbeads, Prima flowers, all the inks . . . contented sigh.
I really like my toys!!

I'm going to start a series illustrating lines from literature. The time
present and time past swap was the first go, but it's really a little
small for what's inside my head. We'll see what happens . . .

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