Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This is ridiculous!

So, I pretty much should have known there was no way
I'd post on this thing on an even somewhat regular basis!
Oh, well, this is the way my life goes. I am very well
intentioned, but very slow.

Thanksgiving was unusual, spent in the hospital with my
da, who had a slight stroke. Dear me, but those poor
nurses deserve combat pay who must deal with the not-
so-cooperative patient who is my father. He's fine now;
just a little slurred speech, which will hopefully be helped
by continuing speech therapy.

Christmas was lovely, really and truly lovely. Spent a
long holiday baking and preparing and shopping and
wrapping, and it was all wonderful. "My" side of the
family was here for Eve, and we went to DH's side
for the Day. The decorations are all still up--DH wants
everything up early, early, like at the very latest by
Thanksgiving, preferably by Halloween. I like to keep
everything decorated for a long bit afterwards, to just
enjoy it all. Ummm, and we're actually having a
Christmas brunch this Saturday morning, so yes, we
tend to prolong the holiday as long as possible! It
should always be Christmas in our hearts, yes??

Merry Christmas!

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