Wednesday, February 16, 2011

another card? seriously?

Yes, okay, I know I said I don't make that
many cards, but June at Dezinaworld is
hosting a challenge--children's story, book,
nursery rhyme, or song. I collect children's
books, have studied the history of fairy tales
and nursery rhymes, and still read children's
literature. A kid at heart, right?

Serendipity style background (my favorite!),
collage image coated with UTEE and cracked--
you know, that glass looking technique--what
is that called, anyway? Vintage alpha stamps
filled in with glaze pen.

Tomorrow is the end of One World, One Heart.
It's been a fun flight, I'm sorry to see it end.
BUT now I get to go through and visit everyone
who stopped by to say hi, and all the fancy fine
new followers, so it isn't REALLY over . . .


Cameron said...

Beautiful card, Trish!

Yes, OWOH has been a blast! It will all culminate into a crescendo of gifts showered on hundreds (maybe even thousands) of lucky bloggers....and starting many wonderful new friendships along the way :)

Exciting to say the least!

Joanna said...

Great card, love the background, image, crackled glass, everything!

OWOH was super, wasn't it! If only I'd had more time to visit more blogs.......x

Anonymous said...

Ohh this is gorgeous. I love how you did that background and what a beautiful image too.
Thanks so much for joining in with the challenge my friend
hugs June

trisha too said...

Thanks, ladies--and I'm glad to hear Lisa is doing One World, One Art, next year!

You are right, Cameron; I know there are people I still "visit" that I met through OWOH, and Joanne, there's never enough time to visit all the blogs we want to, is there??!!!

Rhonda Langley said...

Oh my gosh! Two cards in a row??? Cute card, great collage background. "I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me." sorry just had to finish the thought! LOL!

Rush'd Lady said...

Amazing how one visit from a friend sparks a bunch of creativity! :) Love the book!

Ali Manning said...

What a stunning card! I loved your altered book a couple of posts lower down, but Blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment. Your work is really beautiful!

Gerri Herbst said...

Fabulous work. Really love the textured background. Gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Trish what a lovely card. I too am a kid at heart I guess, because I love fairy tales and kids books. I have a small collection myself. I love the art work in older fairytales. Thanks for posting my candy!