Thursday, January 13, 2011

handmade pretties . . .

I REALLY like handmade jewelry.
Recently, I was blessed to receive a lovely
piece from sweet Amy at her Thirty Six Ten
studio on Etsy.

Unfortunately, I didn't swipe a picture of my
necklace before she shipped it, and it's so
gloomy here, I'm not even going to try to take
a photo of the real deal--you're going to have
to use your imagination a bit. Imagine this
pretty vintage turquoise glass, in

this fun paisley shape. I have worn
the necklace several times, and am truly
appreciating it--thank you again, Amy!

She also does some fantastic birthstone
stacking rings--

I have four children and a husband. Do you think
they should all get me a ring for my birthday this

Snowing where you are? We have about seven inches
on the ground here, and it is cold, cold, cold.
It was sunny and pretty yesterday, but dismal and
dull today. Bleah. Our electricity was out, but
only for a couple of hours--not bad. How goes it
where you are? There's some crazy weather in the
world right now--stay warm and dry, where ever you
may be!

***** A little update *****

Thanks to Jana, I figured out how to go snooping
in the sold items, and found the pic!

I'm still lovin' it!!

Seriously, Jana, FIFTEEN inches of snow????!!


Cameron said...

Pretty, pretty piece...looks like it would go so well with so many things!

I think I'd go nuts in that much in So. Cal it's actually nice....makes me wonder if we just skipped thru the winter.....but, once I start thinking that, the rain will start!

Oh, and yes! I think 5 stacked rings is the perfect amount..heehee!

Take care! I'm sending a steamy mug of well wishes your way ;-)

trisha too said...

Oh no, I do not envy you all that rain, Cameron!

Do you think 5 is enough? Maybe a couple more . . . ;)

2amscrapper said...

lovin' this jewelry!

Jana said...

Love the pendant. You can search the sold items in her store. I cheated and took a peek at yours. It's beautiful. That ring is fabby. I think you need one with ALL 6 of your birthstones. And don't forget the pets....

No snow for us. We had a freak storm on Christmas and got 15 inches. An inch will shut us down for a couple of days. We were beside ourselves. LOL

trisha too said...

Well thank you, Jana! I'm not familiar with all the links in all the spots in all the places--I'm gonna go blatantly steal that pic, too!!

FIFTEEN inches???? Yikes, woman!