Friday, August 22, 2008

atcs and a quiltie question??

Here are some atcs (using Altered Pages images) for a swap:

these are for a collage atc swap,

and these are for a sparkly atc swap. They're embossed with that
iridescent powder, so they're very glittery in person. Which means
I was very glittery in person yesterday, after making them.

This little quiltie is going to be a pendant, but I can't
decide which button to use up top for the necklace hook
part thing. (You know, the necklace hook part thing. That
makes perfect sense!)

So that explains the poll. I love these things!---------->
They very much amuse me--c'mon, don't be a spoiler,
play along. You can pick the button you think is the
ugliest, if it will give you a cheap thrill for the
day. Go ahead, click the little circle . . . you
don't have to leave a comment . . . just a little
clickety click, no one is watching . . .

This piece was inspired by fancy picnic, whose things are
just gorgeous.

Really, really gorgeous. Mine is kind of cute and fun,
but hers are luxuriously richly gorgeous. Okay, the
heart is felted cashmere--does that count for luxurious??


Lola said...

I stand in awe....You are amazing!

Susan Stringfellow said...

these are wonderful! Love the quiltie, its just beautiful. The reason I chose the gold is that it sort of ties in with the gold on the quiltie and the others didn't do that. I LOVE the sparkle but it looks lonely up there. If you were not putting it on top and it was going down on the side of the heart - then I would have chosen the sparkle for certain! :)

Lindart said...

I like the star button -it doesn't add color, but still adds a bit of design.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

glitter does luv you everywhere doesn't it! Nice site!

Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty! I would take them all, lol! Gina

Nancy said...

Hi Trisha - I like all the buttons, but I think I would use the white carved one, use Alcohol ink in Stream on it to bring in the blue. You could add a little gold in it too. I like the ATC cards - nice work.

Sabii Wabii said...

Hello friend for life....
OK I went with glowey gold but i did like carved white too. So there you go. Is Fancy Picnics stuff too cool!
Love the pendant.

Contessa Kris said...

Hello girly. You've been mighty busy haven't you?! Trying to show the rest of us up huh?! lol jk I love it all. Glad you found Fancy Picnic inspiring. I posted a new Etsy artist on Friday. Another will be up this week. I chose the pink pearly button. I'm partial to it for some reason.