Saturday, August 16, 2008

1916 Sporting News Baseball Cards

What did you do today?
I scanned and uploaded
about twenty three million
baseball cards, specifically
1916 Sporting News. So, at
least they were fun baseball
cards. (Anything after about
1975 does NOT hold my attention.)
Most of these little guys have
advertisements on the back, too,
for different places. Did you
know there were Famous Barrs in


Joan said...

First, thanks for visiting my blog today! I completely understand your position on cable TV! Second, thanks for the trip down Memory Lane with these baseball cards. My Mom was an avid collector of these little cards! Wish I knew where they went. But it was fun to remember her sitting and sorting and admiring her cards.

Cindy said...

I loved looking at these little baseball cards -- wish you had posted more of them!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate your enthusiasm about my artwork being published in the book Life is a Verb. I'm feeling pretty "shiny" about it myself. Are you a Firefly fan?

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

OHMYGOSH, Trisha Too!!!
1916 was before my dear, departed daddy was born!!! How unique and WONDERFUL these baseball cards are!!!! TOO COOL!!!!

bumblebeebags said...

OOOH, OOOH I feel a trade coming on. I have my boys room decorated in sports theme, Im sure you cant trade the actual cards but maybe you could make a collage? of them. You interested?!

trisha too said...

heck yes, you think I'm goofy enough to pass up one of your bags???

baseball, basketball, football, hockey--you name it, I can come up with something! :)