Friday, August 29, 2008

emergency atcs

Well, not exactly an emergency, but I did
NOT read the swap rules well for the collage atcs,
and shorted my partners by one. So, made them
each two more in about 45 minutes (okay, yes, the
backgrounds were already finished), and these I
like way better than poor Jimmy and Pepper and Sue.

Maybe this means I work better under pressure?

Then there was a thunderstorm and the electricity
went out, and our lan line phone died so we went
to Target and bought another one for $5.00 (can you
believe you can get a phone for $5.00??), then
came home and spent the rest of the evening trying
to sneak up on one another for the sole purpose of
scaring the jibblies out of each other. It was
hilarious, we were just a giggly mess--but the
teenage boys probably wouldn't like me saying THAT.


Susan Stringfellow said...

emergency or not, these are fantastic! loving all of your ATCs

Lindart said...

I love the look of these!! I think I work best under pressure too. I think you just inpired me for a project I working on. . .!!