Saturday, February 10, 2007


So I was reading a friend's daughter's blog, and
she said:
"i know there are people out there who are super women all the time,
including when they are pregnant, i guess im just not one of them."

YES, I say! I am NOT ONE OF THEM! I am proud to be
among those who freely and unashamedly sleep at night,
and wholeheartedly embrace an occasional nap. Since
when did doing 20 different things at once and going
all the time equate with self-worth, or validate your
spot on the planet?

Even Jesus took a nap when he got tired.

I'm NOT condoning outright laziness, just saying, for
cryin'out loud, people, take time to smell the roses.
Don't just plant them, prune them, paint a picture of
them, and then make soap from their petals! Okay, yes,
I did those, but what's it worth if we don't ENJOY them?
Like our children, they are only here for a season, yes?
Enjoy them, love them, spend time with them.
Them being the roses in your life.
Your loved ones.
Doing things that nurture your spirit.
Being still and knowing God.

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