Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I think I have a preoccupation problem with
this particular fabric. This bag is for a
swap-bot swap, something like "Anything I can
do," along those lines, anyway. Since I'm all
into sewing up these nifty bags of all shapes
and sizes, here it is. Well, there it was--it's
off in the mail today, along with some of that
wonderful rosemary/peppermint lip balm that the
brilliant Denise of Life Thyme Botanicals makes.
Okay, no, I didn't make the lip balm, but really,
don't you want to share the good things you know?

Seriously, look at the fence, and the flowers,
and the bits of gold here and there. This fabric
is so dreamy, I love it! Can't imagine drapes
from it, but it makes for a fantastic tote.

We're doing secret sisters in my Sunday School class,
and we're supposed to be secret for a whole year,
so it's killing me not to make something for my
girl! UGH! They would totally know it was me if
I sewed something, or altered something, or made a
candle, or soaps, or bath fizzies. *gritting of teeth!*
I think I'm going to just make stuff and set it aside,
and then have that be my last big good-bye,
reveal-it's-me gift.

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