Monday, February 19, 2007

Book Club

Several years ago a friend invited me to join her book club.
Bear in mind that pretty much the only books I'd read for
many years at this point in time were school related--either
mine, or for my children. Not a lot of new literature going
on in my world; pretty much nothing past the 18th century.

Thanks to Women On the Loose (the aptly named aforementioned
book club), I have since been introduced to many wonderful
and not-so-wonderful books, some of them actually written
by authors who are still alive! Some couldn't be classified as great
literature, but they sure are fun to read. I'm all in for a cheesy
mystery now and again.

But today I started Their Eyes Were Watching God. This book
has re-reminded me why I love reading. The language and imagery
is so rich and beautiful, I stop and re-read sentences just to savor
the sound of it in my head. It's a gorgeous book. Now, I'm only
about a quarter of the way through, so if it turns ugly on me, this
opinion may change. It immediately reminded me of Shakespeare,
just a different time period, and a different dialect.

Umm, and it's not a play.

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