Saturday, November 04, 2006


So I thought I'd post on this pretty regularly,
hah, snort, hah. What a laugh. There's been a
lot going on, okay? We finished up our homeschool
co-op, helped set up for the Special Care
Homes sale, found out we're hosting Christmas
(oh-my-gosh, overnight guests! GASP!) for my side of the family, my
Grandpa and his dear wife (she is a dear, I'm not being
sarcastic in the least) is moving, it's taken me three days to
clean out my closet, there are mounds of laundry everywhere,
there are boxes of candle making supplies (umm, yes, we made
candles) in the kitchen and living room, we're picking up an
estate sale for the Special Care Homes today, and attending a
Sunday School class get together tonight. And tomorrow the
Girl Scouts rappel. Last weekend we went on an overnight,
and the GSs rode the horses. Somewhere
along the line, we need to concentrate a little harder on school . . .
the boys are working on making another movie right now, so
the youngest son's shouts are somewhat distracting . . . maybe
someday I'll read this and long for the activities . . . snort again!

AND I got a lot of books from ebay yesterday in the mail--a brain
candy mystery series--just finished up the last Potluck Club book,
and it was a delight. So what I really WANT to do is curl up in bed
with a hot cuppa tea and read. Sigh. Off to the laundry.
(Just to remind myself of funness, here's a pic of some atcs I did for
a swap.)

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