Monday, October 23, 2006

needle felting and GI Joes

Had the needle felting class tonight; it was an easy and fun project.
Very glad I went. Dear daughter wants to learn as well, so that
makes it even more worthwhile.

Living room is still full of GI Joes,
but most of the stuff has been photographed and uploaded, and is
anxiously awaiting its debut on ebay. I'll just be glad when it all
moves out, but it has been fun to play with it all.

GI Joe stuff is way more fun than Barbie stuff, and these guys had
it all. There's a very cool silk parachute, and blow up rafts, life vests,
scuba gear, gun galore (of course), a tent, fire, food, even a teeny tiny
GI Joe medal. The backpacks are the best. I'd post a pic of the Joes,
but they're all nude at this point, and this should remain family
friendly . . . maybe it's the Girl Scout in me, but seriously, my
Barbie gear just wasn't this cool. Sigh.

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