Friday, October 20, 2006

my new hero!

So Tuesday some of us are having lunch, and dear Deann boldly
proclaims for all to hear her fondness for naps. It was as if
someone had given me permission to be tired, and do something
about it. It was a very freeing experience.

I took a nap that afternoon (albeit a short one).

Today I got up hideously early to melt wax to take to our
co-op so we could dip candles. After 3 some hours of co-op, a
short lunch, and 2 some hours of Girl Scouts, I took a nap.
Short again, but long enough. Ahhh, lovely.

Deann is my new hero!!

Tired? Sleep. Hungry? Eat. Not hungry? Don't eat.
Need a hug? Say, "please give me a hug!" (Just
remember to hug back!) :)

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