Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Now I've decided it's time for some fall pruning. As in, cutting out some
of the stuff we don't need to be doing. For example, spending as much
time on the computer. Hmmmm. It seems as if the "oh my, we're
getting behind!" feeling came early this year, so that's it. No more
"stuff." It's hard, too, because we all have extra stuff we could do,
want to do. Actually, right now, it would suit me fine to sequester
myself for a few months and not venture out beyond my own fence,
but that would effectively eliminate my children's social lives entirely.
(Okay, it pretty much cancels out mine as well, aside from DH.)
Not to mention church. Therefore, church is still "in" (bear in mind
this includes Wednesday evenings, Sunday mornings, and Sunday
evenings), Girl Scouts, music lessons, hand chime choir. That's enough
for now. Sigh. At least 'til we get caught up again. Sigh again. Time is
not on my side.

The atcs are from a swap, of course, from swap-bot. Did them a while
back. Pink isn't my thing, so these made me step outside the realm of
what's normal for me. Somewhere out there is a site, or so I've heard,
with pictures you can use to illustrate your blog. Somewhere. But that
would take some more time . . .

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