Monday, January 12, 2015

chairs and trinket boxes--rehabbing and altering

We have a pair of child sized, metal folding chairs that I got at a garage sale twenty or so years ago.  They were quite old then (definitely safe to say "vintage" now!), and very much in need of some rust scrubbing and  new seat cushions.  I made them over with seat cushions that matched the quilt I had made for our oldest son.

These chairs are quite sturdy, and still have part of a Samsonite label attached to them, but I'm pretty sure none of my children should sit in them anymore!  Anyway, it was time to give the chairs a new face yet again.  Here is the BEFORE:
 Not bad, but getting a little scruffy looking.  And where did the seat cushion go?
But NOW:
painted with DecoArt Multi Surface Paints

Are you ready for this?  They look completely different now . . .
Layers of stencils--let me say, I learned my lesson, I will not try and use flat stencils on a curved surface.  But the Americana STICK ON STENCILS are GENIUS!!!  That Fleur di Lis above and this kind of brocade stencil here:
those are both stick on stencils, so easy to use on the curved surface of the chair back--this particular one is also on the desk drawer in the post above.
Chair cushions from a chenille bedspread
I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, and will definitely be using that kind of paint again.

Now if you're here for a peek at the trinket box, created from an upcycled Laughing Cow cheese box.  You'll find this in its entirety at the Leaky Shed Studio blog.  It's a little shiny something for a shiny little someone:

Thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful creative week, everyone!


Nan G said...

Love the chairs! What an amazing transformation, Trish. Off to see the laughing cow. ;)

trisha too said...

Nan! It's good to see you! (I need a BIG round of blog visiting, the holidays really have me off!)

Michele said...

you are a genius Trisha! wow, i do love this! xo

Krisha said...

LOVE the transformation of your little chairs. I'll have to remember the name of the paint you used.

Rushd Lady said...

I was just looking at two folding chairs yesterday as I went out to the shed for my creative appointment and wondering what to do with them. I think I know -- thanks for inspiring me!