Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm still here, working on this and that . . .

Hi, everyone!  I've been blog visiting around, a bit it's been nice to catch up
with some of my bloggy friends.  Here are a couple peeks at some things I've
been working on, just so you know I haven't dropped off the face of blogdom:
A book layout at Rogue Redhead Designs
And . . .
This is a detail of some bits that are tied to the bindings of three different
tiny bound books.  (The bird's nest stamp is from Something Tattered.)

There, see, I really am still here.  Now, what have YOU been working on?  Any
transfer techniques?  The January issue of Unruly Paper Arts has begun, and this
month it's all about different types of transfers.  I mean to try at least two new
transfer techniques;  well, new-to-me, at least . . .

Happy Sunday, everyone!



Shar B said...

Love your mini album! What a great size too! I love your name for these two girls - may need to make that their official moniker.

Shar B said...
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Krisha said...

I LOVE the idea of this small book of sayings and b proverbs!
and of course the use of the RRD stamps is sensational! (grin)

trisha too said...

Thank you, Krisha--it's several volumes, each with a proverb or scripture--and this stamp really is perfect for this one, isn't it?

I've started calling them Two Sisters, since there's a Little Brother on the plate to go with them.

Of course, that's just in my head--no idea what the "official" names may be!!


Brenda Brown said...

Good to see your new creations coming along and I must try the transfer techniques too.
hugs {brenda} x0x

Dianne said...

Hello Miss Trisha, left some love over there too, I love tiny books, love th bits for the binding, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS ))).

Eulanda said...

Oh I've just been catching up myself but I can't wait to see what those bits are attached to!! Thanks for popping by!

butterfly said...

Lovely looking work underway... Looking forward to the reveals!
Alison x