Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy New Year to you!

A Happy New Year to everyone!  I'm slowly making my way back--tomorrow,
I plan to have a blog visiting party, and come around to say Happy New Year
to you "in person," but today, will have to settle for a short post.

For my first Altered Arts Magazine share of the year, here is a look at a journal
I'm working on, something along the lines of The Documented Life.  Thanks to
my friend Julie's inspiration,  I'm making my own, using some 12 x 18 paper
that's been waiting for years in the art room.
  folding paper for the book signatures, denim for the cover, washi tape (7 gypsies and
some from Altered Pages) for adding tip-ins, and YUMMY Something Tattered stamps

Also, a big thank you to Daniella and Lyneen, who sent these sweet Christmas cards:

And to my friend Sussie, who sent this card and wonderful ATC--my daughter is all
into Amelia Earhart right now, so the atc was especially appreciated by her!
Thank you, Sussie!!
So that's it for now,  I need to go fold paper for that journal . . . see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

A Happy New Year to you!
Your own Journal, now that is special!
What sweet Christmas thoughts you received from your friends.
(P.S. I still patiently await my copy of The Stampers' Sampler - I believe it is taking the scenic route to Scotland lol)

Brenda Brown said...

Have fun with your new journal and happy new year to you and yours, wishing you a wonderful 2014.
Have a great weekend.
hugs {brenda} x0x

Nan G said...

Ooh a journal. Can't wait to see how you bind the signatures! Hope you had a wonderful time with family over the holidays! Happy New Year! Hugs.

butterfly said...

Lovely happy mail there, and looking forward to seeing that journal come to life! Happy New Year to you too!
Alison x

2amscrapper said...

Happy New Year!

fairy thoughts said...

Hi trisha
happy new year to you too. I was intriged by the documented life project had a look at the blog. I am going to give it a go. I look forward to seeing your pages.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Stay warm : )

Vicki said...

Can't wait to see your new journal cover!