Sunday, December 02, 2012

super simple easel card directions/tutorial

There are plenty of great easel card tutorials on the intraweb, but here is a
generalized, super-simple version that may be easier to start with than some
of the more complex varieties.

Stuff you need--cardstock, adhesive, paper cutter

Just like any basic card, whatever size cardstock you are using, the finished
card will be half that size.

1.  Fold the cardstock in half.  This is your card base.
2.  Cut a piece of cardstock the same size as folded-in-half base.  Or, in
other words, a piece one half as big as what you started out with:
(The piece you just cut will eventually be the front of your card--you can
stamp/collage/embellish it at will.)

3.  Fold the FRONT of the card base in half, from the outside edges to
the fold, like this:

4.  Adhere the front piece to the folded flap of the card base, like this:
Now the card front can be set up like an easel.  You probably need to put in a
strip of paper, or ribbon/trim, underneath the base, to act as a lip that will hold
the easel front in place, like this:
A sentiment generally goes beneath the strip/lip, but that's up to you.
That's it--simple, right?  Here's a pic of the loosely folded card, in case you
still aren't quite seeing how these work:


Art From The heart said...

I love this !!
Thanks so much for sharing a terrific idea. Hugs

Chloe grice said...

This is a really neat way to make very pretty cards... thanks for showing! now I just have to work on the making something pretty part...

Nan G said...

Indeed, thanks for sharing! Your pics were fab and really show how easy it is to make!

trisha too said...

Thank you! They really are easier than they look.