Friday, October 14, 2011

hedge apples everywhere I look.

Hedge apples, hedge balls, osage apples, osage oranges,
whatever you want to call them . . .

. . . all over our yard, everywhere, everywhere, little
landmines just waiting to trip you up and twist your

But they do smell nice when they start to rot, or when
you throw them on the burn pile and they roast. There
are squirrels who like the hedge seeds, and squirrels who
don't, and when it gets super cold, sometimes the deer will
eat them, as well. (The hedge seeds, not squirrels.)

They have a fabulous, brilliant color, and a curious
texture--these really brighten up the sea of brown leaves
that have taken over the yard.

The kids like to play hedge ball with them. The rules
are simple: Someone pitches the hedge apple, and someone
whacks it as hard as they can with the bat. If all goes
well, the apple splatters all over everywhere. TIP: If
you should choose to engage in a game of hedge ball, be sure
to wear old clothes, as the splatters stain a nice toasty
brown color. Apparently you can use the apples to concoct
a natural dye.

Some people claim these repel spiders, but I can tell you
from personal experience that this ain't necessarily so.

You'll have better luck just making a cute centerpiece.

I just try not to trip on them.

Been tinkering around the art room, thinking about
having a de-stash giveaway. What do you think?
Sharing is good. I could even send it flat rate,
and include a few hedge apples!!!



just a scrap of paper said...

I think a destash give away would be amazing and I would add some of my stuff on my blog too if you are up for it.

Rush'd Lady said...

We went walking this morning in John Anderson park and like you said, they are everywhere! Do you feed Scott hedge apples too?
You said, "sometimes the dear will
eat them, as well." Isn't he your dear? *smile*

Rush'd Lady said...

Wanna swap stuff?

Micupoftea~ said...

Trisha, I have never seen or heard of these! Interesting post...and they make brown stains? Hmmm. Have a blessed Sunday~
shawn :)

trisha too said...

Shawn, it's probably just as well!


And DJ, I do NOT wanna swap stuff, I wanna GIVE it away!! Gonna host a giveaway, you want to play???

just a scrap of paper said...

Ok, this is the site we talked about.

Rhonda Langley said...

Annoying things aren't they? None in my yard but my parents have a yard full!!!

penny4thoughts said...

I laughed when I saw your pictures of hedge apples because my husband as a teenager used to drive around with friends and as many hedge apples as they could carry and try to roll them up driveways as they drove around the neighborhood - extra points if they got them into opened garages!

trisha too said...

Well well well, looks like we've found a new hedge apple sport!!