Sunday, October 02, 2011

hand stamped fabric

Went a baby shower for my niece-in-law today--I always
like to make something, something the recipient won't
get anywhere else. The first step is to stalk their
registry, to make sure I'm giving them something they'll
actually like!

The nursery is going to be bright colors and jungle
animals, so . . . broke out a new/old Stampin' Up set
I'd never even mounted, it's all jungle animals, and
the old Fabrico fabric ink. Do they even make that anymore?

Look how cute those lime green elephants are! Made a
couple of bibs, and a tag blanky with a hot pink minky
backing. These made (I hope!) a nice personal addition
to the store-bought gifties we found, plus they were SO
much fun to make.

Did you make anything this weekend?



Terry said...

What a brilliant and adorable idea! So personal and no way will that be duplicated. I want to stamp on fabric (to wear), so I will look for this ink! Wonderful gift!

Debi said...

they look fab Trisha, and what a heart felt gift - perfect x Debi x

Shelly Schmidt said...

What a fun fun idea!!! Darling gift- I bet it will be so appreciated!

Sharon said...

What a great gift Trisha!! There is nothing better than a handmade item!!

Jingle said...

That looks fantastic!

Lynn Stevens said...

What a wonderful gift! Handmade is so much better than storebought! No doubt she loved it!!!
hugs Lynn

Jack said...

What a gorgeous present. xx

trisha too said...

Thank you, everybody! And I'm happy to report that she DID love all the goodies, plus requested a car seat cover like the one I made our other niece!



Alexa said...

WOW - you are the kind of relative we all hope to have. So thoughtful and kind and able to create such beautifully made items. One lucky niece and one lucky baby!!

Gerri Herbst said...

So very precious...what a delightful gift to give. take care, gerri

Rhonda Langley said...

Aren't you the talented seamstress? Love the ribbon tabs all around!