Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easter cards.

Here's the thing--I like these fine last night, but
today . . . they make me cringe a little. They're
okay, but definitely NOT going to be everyone's
cuppa tea. The challenge was for these to be cards,
Easter themed, use pastels, and have some stamping.

The thing is, they're for a swap, so I'm hoping my
swap partners, whomever they may be, don't open their
package and say:

"Well, isn't this one interesting."

That is my mom's polite code, used occasionally at
art fairs, galleries, etc., for "I don't really
like this, but someone else must, so I won't say
anything negative."

My mom is really nice. I like that about her!



SusanLotus said...

Very cute cards!

Netty said...

Nice collage Trisha and like the words. Annette x

Francine Cronos said...

Trisha, I think your cards are very pretty. I'm in the swap too, so I'd be very happy to receive one.

Unknown said...

Oh how sweet!

Love Dawn xx

Beverly Sager said...

I like them too! Especially like the use of the hymnal page and the words "It's not about the bunny."

Lynn Stevens said...

Trisha your being to hard on yourself, there pretty and I'm sure your swap partners will Love them!
hugs Lynn

P.S what your mom says at art faires and galleries cracked me up! LOL

Joanna said...

"Well, isn't this one interesting." made me laugh!! I really must remember that one.

Your cards are perfect - you did exactly what was requested, and I agree with BeBe, I like the "It's not about the bunny." sentiment.

Your swap partners will be delighted.


Jingle said...

These are very pretty!

katygirl said...

I love the sheet music!!

PetraB said...

I love the cards, the images and the colours are so lovely for Easter.

Anonymous said...

I like them... A LOT! I love your mom's line...that's cute!

Lori said...

You crack me up...these are awesome, love the spring colors, and the collaging is great!

Cameron said...

My MIL says "clever" in "Isn't that a clever way to use paint and a bowling ball?"

I think these cards are sweet...certainly way more interesting than store bought cards...and too clever to use the word clever :)

I love the sheet music and the bunnies together!

Unknown said...

I love your cards..they go beyond interesting ;)

Michele said...

fear not! they are lovely! xo

Linda Brun said...

Sweet easter cards!