Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Valentine skinnies and a dog wearing a wig.

Skinnies, or an altered art fan? Either way, they're kind
of fun. Check out the hotties from days gone by--and they
come bearing flowers, too!

Like what you see, ladies? ;) You can find these fine
fellows over at Altered Pages.

And now for something completely different.

You didn't believe me about the dog, did you?

Don't even ask about this one:

It is one of the mysterious pictures that occasionally
appears on the camera. Since Christmas, the new sport
around here is taking random shots with whoever's
camera phone is lying about unattended, so Ralphie in
the Wig fits right in . . . he actually looks quite
fetching, don't you think?


Sandy said...

Oh wow what an fantastic creation.
So wonderful and romantic. Just perfect. Love them.

bumblebeebags said...

how cute is the dog? the wig...almost.....looks good on him!

Contessa Kris said...

You've been creating! How did you do the background? Like it, although its purple. :)

The 'thing' on dd#2's face is a New Years horn she is blowing. The boy attached to dd#1's hip is the 'the boy' as he's referred to around here. He's been hanging around for over 7 months, not counting the time he's off at college. They think they're serious. I do have to say, unfortunately, he fits in with our family quite well. Funny, doesn't take any flack from anyone, adorable with the nieces and nephews, talks smack about his tennis game with my bro, talksk video games with Ed and the other bros, my parents love him and expect him to dinner every Sunday he's home. I may be in trouble...

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Trish! Ohhhhhhhhh . . . these are GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE these vintage photos, too! THANK YOU for visiting my blog . . . all I did was leave a comment on Tim Holtz's blog and I was one of the 20 chosen each day out of 2,000-3,000 comments! LOL!!!!! Happy New Year, too!!!!

Debby said...

Aw. I thought your name looked familiar. I saw your post on
Altered Pages this morning. I love Jackie and I love Altered Pages. I am considering applying for the design team yet am rather intimidated by that prospect. I thank Handsome Hotties is a great idea and I love the fan!

Rhonda L. said...

Hey, it's Elvis! I knew he wasn't dead! Now I'm All Shook Up!
Love the skinnies; not so sure about the heart throbs; they look a little scary!

Twisted Fencepost said...

By the way Ralphie is laughing it looks like he might have taken the picture himself. Funny!!!

trisha too said...

oh, oh, oh!

he DOES look like doggy Elvis, and
he DOES look like he's laughing!

well, that's Ralphie for you . . .

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love your skinny valentines. Very nice!
As for the pup in the wig my chuckle for the day, Thanks so much!

DJ said...

I'm starting to think about Valentine's Day and all things "hearts". Love your Valentine skinnies. Just found your blog. :-)

DJ (Deb)
Let a Woman Learn
Seven Pillars Book Nook
Chickadee Nest

Tipper said...

Pretty valentines-and hilarious dog!!