Tuesday, January 12, 2010

one little chickie has flown the coop

Well, more or less, anyway. We deposited the eldest son
into his new, not-so-swanky digs Sunday. A dorm room
will always be a dorm room, but especially so when it's
occupied by four young men, yes?

The stinkweed has yet to e-mail me, but we've been
texting (YES, Rhonda and Kris, TEXTING) periodically.

He's already decided to change his meal plan--cafeteria
food will always be cafeteria food . . .


Phil said...

Where at?

bumblebeebags said...

cannot imagine the day! :(

trisha too said...

Missouri Science and Technology. Rolla. It's hard to tell from the tiny pic I blatantly stole from their site.

Phil, I thought about you when he was taking circuits last semester--for some reason, I remember you hanging out in our room studying for a circuits test!

Christina, he's 20 (graduated from community college--straight A last semester, secretary of honor society, all that), so it's strange not having him around, but it didn't make me cry. He's a big boy. If he were 17, I'd be a little more concerned!

Phil said...

Yep that was my major. Hopefully he A) actually uses his degree, and B) doesn't take nine years getting it.

trisha too said...


The Parental Funding Foundation has mandated a two year limit upon the MS&T "experience."

Exclamation point, and amen.

Rhonda L. said...

Texting!? Did you say texting!? Be still my heart!!
Hey, one less person to clean up after right?

Twisted Fencepost said...

Exciting time for him!
Mixed emotions for you.
But congratulations!!

Ingvild Bolme (Spinnvild) said...

WOW, so much great art you have in here; - THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

Wish you a fab. week!


tina said...

Ah, dorm life! Cafeteria food! ((hugs)) I hope he and Mama are doing well.