Friday, December 11, 2009

definitely NOT Christmas cards.

The shop computer that is all geared up with the
scanner/printer = virus very yes, so here I am
today at HOME scanning some NOT Christmas cards.

These are from one of my favorite sets. Can you
guess the year? Well, okay, probably not the exact
year, but I'll bet you can guess the decade from
the design and colors.

Actually, these are the full sized cards (2 1/2 by 3 1/2),
but my favorite is the mini set from that year--they look
the same, but are only a little over 2 by a little over 3

Are you prepared for Christmas? Not me! Still have
shopping to do, goodies to make, and now, come to
find out, a Christmas dinner menu to plan. But
everything has been decorated since Thanksgiving
(that's standard for us), so it gives the illusion
that we're all ready.

We did bake about 12 zillion sugar cookies yesterday,
so there's that. Tonight is the DD's and DS3's choir
and handchime concert, tomorrow a Christmas party--
it's definitely December!

What do you have left to do for Christmas? Or are
you all ready for the big day, sitting by the fire
with a hot cuppa something yummy, with a little smirky
on your face for those of us who aren't???


(The baseball cards are from 1975, by the way--did
anyone guess the 70's?)


trisha too said...

the good news is, it wasn't a virus after all, and all is well at The Baseball Card Store once more!

so you can relax now.

everything's fine.


Contessa Kris said...

Yes, we give the illusion we've got it all together as well. Not finished shopping. I did buy a new kitchenaid mixer Thursday so I guess its my turn to get baking? Hmmm. Completed a huge Amazon order yesterday so the boxes should start arriving. I have a few things to buy in stores but then I'm done. Gotta get the fireplace cleaners out here before I can sit idly with my hot cocoa. And THEN, yes, I'll sit with a smirky face just for fun.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Shoot...I'm only halfway there. Still got lots to do.

Contessa Kris said...

Hey girl. Going to Dec stampin up party? I'm thinking on it if I can...

Tipper said...

I did guess the 70s : ) Ready for Christmas-not me. But it's on it's way even if I'm not!