Thursday, December 31, 2009

altered book round robin (start)

For an altered book round robin--my theme is
Serendipitous Definitions, but haven't titled
the actual book yet.


cover page


sign in page

accordion book with stitched vellum pockets and library
cards for each artist to alter and sign in--it folds out
with nine pockets.

I'm kind of stymied as to what to write on the sign in
page, but will definitely mess with it more when the
book finally makes its way home.

And still debating on how to do the title.



Contessa Kris said...

Well, no matter what you decide, I think its looking great so far! Like the library card sign ins.

Elizabeth Golden said...

This looks fun, I really like the way you did the sign ins and the color choices you used.

Unknown said...

You do BEAUTIFUL work, Trisha. :)