Saturday, August 22, 2009

handmade bookmarks for swap

Here are two bookmarks made for a swap:

Both use the serendipity mixed media collage background
style made in the tutorial shown HERE.

They also have a nice coating of Mod Podge on them,
to make them more durable.

This seemed like a good swap for me to join. I'm NOT a
page-corner-turner-downer (GASP!!!), but I am a random,
whatever-is-handy-grab-it bookmark kind of person. A
couple of "real" bookmarks will be nice to have--I'm
kind of excited to see what shows up in the mail!


Karin said...

Very pretty bookmarks! I just read through all your tutorials, they're all great! I will be bookmarking your site!

trisha too said...

thank you, Karin! i stopped by to visit you--what a fun blog you have!

Rhonda Langley said...

Love the bright colors! Mod Podge sounds like a great idea. Yep, I have used many a grocery receipt, paperclip, old envelope or advertising for a bookmark.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love your bookmarks! Also the tutorials were very well done, I enjoyed them immensely.