Thursday, March 12, 2009

the latest addition to an accidental collection.

Does anyone intentionally set out to collect
something? Really, all mine are complete
accidents--and if you hold to the old saying,
"More than three of anything is a collection,"
well, let's just say I've had a lot of accidents.

This fancy little gold number was given to me
around the age of ten by Great Uncle Tom, on
the one and only time we ever met. Have kept
the bag all these years, and it makes me think
of Grandma's brother every time I get it out.

This vintage beaded bag is probably the oldest
in all the collection, and one of only two that
I've never actually carried/used. Isn't it
pretty? The chain is a replacement, and the
inside (green silk) needs replaced as well, but
it's just so pretty!

This bag is a fun one, and is crocheted from
scrap silk that would have otherwise been

This vintage bamboo box purse makes
an appearance every spring.

Here's the new addition:

Ta Da! It's the bag Christina made in
trade for the sports collages. Isn't it
gorgeous?? The fabric combination is
fantastic, and the little extras make it
even more special--the little coin purse
and the wristlet/key chain, how cute are
those? What a neat touch. I'm looking
for an outfit (closet shopping!) to debut
this new beauty with . . .

THANK YOU, Christina!


bumblebeebags said...

OMG I love the vintage bamboo cool. I'm glad you like the bag...I'm still in love with the collages I show them off to anyone who enters my home!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! these are wonderful...what a great collection!

Rhonda Langley said...

These are beautiful purses!I like the first one best because it has a memory attached.

Hey I had a gum collection in high school (never been chewed gum). I had braces and my dentist told me never to chew gum so every time someone offered me a piece I took it and added it to my collection-not sure where it went knowing me probably in the trash!

Tipper said...

Oh I love love your collection!! Christina's may be my favorite of them all!

trisha too said...

tipper, this is only the tip of the purse iceburg . . .

rhonda. the gum ranks right up there with my puloined salt-and-pepper-shaker-from-every-McDonald's-I-ever-set-foot-in-from-7th-to-12th-grade collection.

at some point my conscience took hold. but notice there are NO salt and pepper shakers at McDonald's anymore? Yep, that's because of me . . .

Mar said...

first of all i LOVE the title of your blog
you look like a happy girl

thank you for dropping into my blog and absolutely making my day!

i also love this beaded bag of yours
quite the catch for your collection

Lavender Dreamer said...

OH MY! Pretty handbags are my weakness...well ONE of them! I love the bamboo box purse...and the beaded purses...and your new one for Spring! I see so many pretty cloth purses on them!

Contessa Kris said...

Ohhh, what a gorgeous collection. I love the beaded bags. My mother has quite a few of those in her 'collection'. She displays them in a pretty bowl. Love your new cloth bag that was made for you. Can't wait to see the outfit that goes with it.

John Ivey said...

I'm enjoying your playlist. Great songs! I know you from my sister's blog, "Living As Rosa."

lila said...

I enjoy seeing your bag collection! Especially tho one of colorful silk yarns!

Kathi D said...

Those are all so lovely!

Maggie R said...

I LOVE your bag collection. I have a thing about bags. I especially like the beaded one (I make beaded bags so I really appreciate this one)I had a similar one to your bamboo bag many moons ago! I am so sentimantal and I like to SAVE everything... but every now and then I have a weak moment and get rid of STUFF . Later I have regrets!!....sigh!