Friday, February 06, 2009


Look at these delicious atcs I received from Ariane!
(The picture really doesn't do them justice, by the way.)
The one in the middle is my favorite--the image she
chose, and the colors, and the pieced/painted/stamped
background--it sings a little song to me! You can
see more of her lovely things at stemplewerkstatt.

These three collages are what I'm swapping out to
Christina for one of her amazing bags. I guess you
could call it a commissioned swap, because these are
specifically for her boys' room, which has a sports theme.

Who better to work on a sports collage than someone
who hangs out in sports card and memorabilia store???!!

Actually, I had TOO much stuff, and it didn't all
work. It was hard to scale back, with so many neat
vintage cards and images to choose from.

Once again, my pics aren't the greatest. These are
6x6 canvases, and around the edge is a strip of denim,
which (I hope) will blend well with the reddish burgundy/
navy blues in the room.

The Babe Ruth card is a copy (of course!) of a
1948 Leaf baseball card. He wasn't playing at
that time, but I like the picture and the colors.
The definitions are coated with Crystal Effects,
which helps them stand out in person, but the pic
kind of reflects the light.

Both Christina and Ariane are participating in
One World One Heart, so be sure to check out their
giveaways . . .


Tipper said...

I love the sports theme-I know Christina will be sooo pleased!

Rhonda Langley said...

Great collages! The scrabble pieces are a nice touch.