Wednesday, February 25, 2009

still sharing . . .

Cleaned out the artpit, and it's been great,
because it's inspired a flurry of scrapbooking.
This wave won't last long, so I'm riding it for
all it's worth. So anyway, here are some of the
lovely things I've acquired lately, none of my
own making:

This book is from the Collage Contessa. I love it. She
had six of these cuties posted on her blog, and
I made some comment like, "Oh, how pretty," but
what I was thinking was, "OH MY GOSH, I REALLY
Thank you!!

This atc was from a Vintage Valentine swap, and
I think it's wonderful. Michelle said it was
actually one of her first atcs--isn't it great?
The couple are her aunt and uncle, which makes
it more special. As if this wasn't good enough,
she sent the amazing packet of Valentine goodies

these are so much fun! Michelle, you made my
day with this swap, thank you!

This we found at an antique mall. I collect
Nemadji pottery here and there, and the daughter
found this one for three dollars! Well, yes,
thank you, I think I will . . .


Twisted Fencepost said...

Interesting pottery. I've not seen or heard of it.
But I like it!

trisha too said...

hey, Becky!
it's not really expensive, i just like all the swirly colors. it was in production from something like 1923 to 2002ish? some people mistake it for Indian pottery, but it never was (or is).

bumblebeebags said...

hey you...I finally got a pic up of the collages they look soo great! I got the packaging for the bag and I promise(:) I will send it out this weekend!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the kind comments!! I am so glad you liked the atc, it was a fun little project! I'd like to think my great Aunt Ethel would be so amused to know I am sending her sweet little face to a perfect stranger, she was such a little fiesty thing! XO

Maggie R said...

Love your blog, Have enjoyed spending time here and seeing all your wonderful creations.
Blogger has really outdone itself with the new look it gave to "followers" Just so you know, I clicked on "Be my Friend" to you.... Don't know where this goes but if you see me there that is why.... I must find out more!!
Have a great day

Rhonda Langley said...

What a pretty atc! Wish my first one looked as pretty (that is why it was my only one). Love the pottery-great deal also! Never heard of it either but it is pretty. Yep! I was thinking the same thing about those lovely books by collage contessa and low & behold I rec'd one also!

Anonymous said...


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