Monday, September 08, 2008

Wesley and Tippy

One of the things I found out about my grandpa
is he really liked dogs. He'd never had a dog
ever since I could remember, but here he is on
the farm with Tippy in 1944. This was pretty much
right before my mom was born.

Isn't he a good looking guy?


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

That is a GREAT picture!

bumblebeebags said...

dont you just love old photos? I cant wait for our trade, when I open my shop on etsy you can pick a bag out!

Contessa Kris said...

What a great picture. I'm glad you learned some things about him. I'm so sorry about your grandpa.

tipper said...

Yes he is a nice looking guy!!

I got my necklace and I LOVE IT!! So nice. You do such awesome work. It's just beautiful and almost made me cry thinking of you making it just for me. Thank you so much!!!